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Ten Questions for Emily Skaja


“There’s a lot of mystery in my writing process, and I have the suspicion that I’m doing all the steps out of order.” —Emily Skaja, author of Brute

Ten Questions for Bryan Washington

by Staff

“It’d be nice if the American literary community’s obsession with signal-boosting the optics of diversity were solidified into a tangible, fiscally remunerative reality for minority writers.” —Bryan Washington

Ten Questions for Ed Pavlić

by Staff

“I’d love the community of contemporary writers to read each other with the freedom and rigor (vigor) we bring to hearing the music we love the most.” —Ed Pavlić

Ten Questions for Helen Oyeyemi

by Staff

“A good portion of Gingerbread was written sitting on the floor, in a chair with no legs but excellent back support.” —Helen Oyeyemi, author of Gingerbread

Ten Questions for Brian Kimberling

by Staff

“The literary community is too small—I’d create lots more thoughtful and appreciative readers like the ones who read interviews in Poets & Writers Magazine.” —Brian Kimberling, author of Goulash

Ten Questions for Lindsay Stern


“Go there. When the work takes you somewhere deep, it can be difficult not to swim back up out of fear or squeamishness.” —Lindsay Stern, author of The Study of Animal Languages