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Ten Questions for Nicole Dennis-Benn

by Staff

“We have to remind ourselves why we write and why it’s important for us to tell these stories. The universe will take care of the rest.” —Nicole Dennis-Benn, author of Patsy

Ten Questions for Sara Collins

by Staff

“What many people won’t admit is that it’s impossible to write a novel without a pinch of selfishness, and you have to beg your loved ones to forgive you for it.” —Sara Collins, author of The Confessions of Frannie Langton

Ten Questions for Xuan Juliana Wang

by Staff

“My ideal writing environment is a semi-public place, like a shared office, or a library as long as I can avoid making eye-contact with people around me.” —Xuan Juliana Wang, author of Home Remedies

Ten Questions for Julie Orringer

by Staff

“One of literature’s great powers is its ability to act as a tonic against xenophobia; there’s never been a moment when that power has been more urgently needed.” —Julie Orringer, author of The Flight Portfolio

Ten Questions for Geffrey Davis


“I wish our books, as art objects, had better ways of showing more of the practice and work and failure that go into making them.” —Geffrey Davis, author of Night Angler.

Ten Questions for Alison C. Rollins


“I think writing should be connected to the constant ever-evolving work of discovering, (re)imagining, and (re)claiming one’s own selfhood.” —Alison C. Rollins, author of Library of Small Catastrophes