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Ten Questions for Brian Kimberling

by Staff

“The literary community is too small—I’d create lots more thoughtful and appreciative readers like the ones who read interviews in Poets & Writers Magazine.” —Brian Kimberling, author of Goulash

Ten Questions for Lindsay Stern


“Go there. When the work takes you somewhere deep, it can be difficult not to swim back up out of fear or squeamishness.” —Lindsay Stern, author of The Study of Animal Languages

Ten Questions for Hala Alyan

by Staff

“I usually wait until I need to write, which makes for a really thrilling, cathartic experience of creation.” —Hala Alyan, author of The Twenty-Ninth Year

Ten Questions for Juliet Lapidos

by Staff

“I think a lot of contemporary editors, myself included, push too much for clarity when sometimes a little muddiness is just the thing.” —Juliet Lapidos, author of Talent