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Agents & Editors: A Q&A With Agent Nat Sobel


May/June 2008


Agent Nat Sobel, one of the most forward-thinking and outspoken agents in the business, voices his opinions on what authors should do for themselves, the dangers of MFA programs, and what he finds in literary magazines.

Literary MagNet

News and Trends

May/June 2008

Literary MagNet chronicles the start-ups and closures, successes and failures, anniversaries and accolades, changes of editorship and special issues—in short, the news and trends—of literary magazines in America. This issue's MagNet features Ninth Letter, Oxford American, and the Literary Review.

Mailer Remembered: Postcard From New York City


Online Only, posted 4.23.08


On Wednesday, April 9, five months after his death at age eighty-four from acute renal failure, hoards of literary aficionados, friends, colleagues, and readers of Norman Mailer attended a memorial for the author at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Among the scheduled speakers were authors Don DeLillo, Joan Didion, and William Kennedy, actor Sean Penn, and members of Mailer’s family.


Obama's "Bitter" and the Creative Nonfiction Writer: Postcard From the Campaign Trail


Online Only, posted 4.17.08

The origin and form of Mayhill Fowler’s Huffington Post report on Barack Obama's use of the word "bitter" suggest her work is neither blogging nor journalism, but creative nonfiction. That its effect was out of proportion with its intention begs the question: What can the creative nonfiction writer expect in the Information Age?

The Rising Fortunes of the Chinese Expat Scene

The Literary Life

Online Only, posted 4.16.08


Beijing, despite its cheap food and beer—two dollars worth of Chinese yuan will buy you a nice Chinese meal or a twelve-pack of Tsingtao beer—has yet to become the Paris of the 21st century, but an expat fiction scene is beginning to emerge.

Talking Publicly About Writing Privately: Postcard From Oxford


Online Only, posted 4.11.08

No two writers write alike, but when two hundred gather for an event—as they did at this year's Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival, held at Christ Church College in Oxford from March 31 through April 6—some common themes tend to emerge.


Raw Inspiration: Postcard From Shanghai


Online Only, posted 4.08.08

The first time my then-fiancée mentioned Shanghai, China, and our future in the same sentence, we were canoodling in our favorite pizza place in Massachusetts. I, wildly in love, responded to the possibility with nothing more than a slight pause. “Move to China?” I asked. “Sure, why not!”

An Interview With Writer and Editor Ander Monson

Direct Quote

Online Only, posted 3.31.08


Ander Monson’s fourth book, the poetry collection Our Aperture, was published in January by New Michigan Press. It’s a short thirty pages, but it further extends the reach of the author’s genre-bending work. Poets & Writers Magazine recently asked Monson about his predilection for playing with genre.


Poetry and Conflict: Postcard From St. Andrews, Scotland


Online Only, posted 3.25.08

Five years ago, as poets and readers attended the annual StAnza poetry festival, the war began in Iraq. This year's festival, held from March 12 to March 16, acknowledged that anniversary explicitly with its two themes, "Poetry & Conflict" and "Sea of Tongues."


An Interview With Poet and Fiction Writer Grace Paley

Direct Quote

Online Only, posted 3.17.08


Celebrated short story writer and poet Grace Paley died of cancer last August at the age of eighty-four. A lifelong activist, pacifist, and an early figure in the women’s rights movement in the 1960s, Paley was one of those writers who managed to combine a public life of frequent readings and appearances in support of a range of causes with work lauded for its artistic integrity. We interviewed Paley a little more than a year before her death at her home in Thetford.

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631 - 640 of 1037 results

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