Asian American

Go Home!

Viet Thanh Nguyen

The Pulitzer Prize winner offers his personal perspective on the idea of “home” in his foreword to Go Home!, a new anthology of fiction, memoir, and poetry by Asian diasporic writers.

Singapore Unbound

Melynda Fuller

Launched in February, the New York–based organization Singapore Unbound supports Singaporean writing and cross-cultural literary exchange through a reading series, an annual literary festival, and a book review blog committed to promoting independent publishers and writers of Singaporean heritage from around the world.

An Interview With Poet Cathy Park Hong

Joshua Kryah

Cathy Park Hong is a poet interested in the porous boundaries between languages and cultures. In her newest collection, Dance Dance Revolution (Norton, 2007), winner of the 2006 Barnard Women Poets Prize, Hong creates a poem sequence that takes place in a future city called the Desert. It is in this tourist town, modeled on the likes of Las Vegas and Dubai, that Hong introduces the Guide, an amalgam of new and extinct English dialects, Korean, Latin, Spanish, and other miscellaneous pidgins. Acting as the reader's escort, Hong uses the Guide to address the issues of identity, both personally and geographically, in an increasingly globalized world.


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