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The Sewanee Review at 125

Dana Isokawa

The country’s longest-running literary quarterly publishes its 500th issue with a new design, a new editor, and a new submissions platform, but the same old commitment to literary excellence.

On Writing the (Short) Nonfiction Book: A Conversation

Anna Leahy, Kim Adrian, William Germano, Margret Grebowicz, Christopher J. Lee, Matthew Newton, Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

Object Lessons is a series of nonfiction books published by Bloomsbury that each explore a single object. A new group of Object Lessons authors discuss their process—from research, voice, and style to the challenge of incorporating both personal and journalistic perspectives in their books. 

The Impossible Is Now Possible: A Conversation

Barbara Gowdy and Helen Phillips

Barbara Gowdy, whose novel Little Sisters is published this month by Tin House Books, and novelist Helen Phillips discuss profound empathy, how literature can change women’s relationships to their bodies, and writing against the odds.