March/April 2023

Acclaimed poet Patricia Smith faces the camera with a serene expression. She is a Black woman with short hair and glasses, and wears matching necklace and earrings that resemble petals. Headlines in yellow and white on the left and the top.

Our annual Writers Retreats Issue features ten “award-winning” residencies, a guide to preparing for time away, and advice on surviving a toxic workshop; a conversation between poets Patricia Smith and Tyehimba Jess; an Agents & Editors interview with Mariner Books executive editor Rakia Clark; a Q&A with Samiya Bashir of Lambda Literary on creating nurturing space for all; one writer’s reflection on the power of letting go; tax tips for writers; plus writing prompts, contest deadlines, and more.


Unshuttered: Patricia Smith’s Journey Into the Aperture of History

by Tyehimba Jess
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Inspired by her obsession for old photographs, a search for belonging, and deep personal loss, Patricia Smith’s newest poetry collection fills in the gaps of history with imaginings of what might have been.

Writers Retreats

Award-Winning Retreats: Ten Residencies You Can Experience by Winning a Writing Contest

by Emma Hine
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For writers, time and space to write are an incredibly valuable prize. These ten residencies partner with writing contests to offer privacy and serenity to winning writers at ranches, castles, and beaches around the world.

Do Not Hurry, Do Not Rest: How to Prepare for a Writing Residency

by Jennifer De Leon
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No matter where you’re headed, intentional preparation for a writing residency can help you to stay present on the page when you arrive. The author shares tips that helped her focus and shape her residency experiences.

Pigeons, Pride, and Pedagogy: Surviving a Toxic Workshop

by Gabriella Graceffo
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It can happen to any writer: A workshop space that’s meant to be constructive instead turns poisonous or even predatory. The associate editor of Poetry Northwest suggests ways to navigate harmful workshop dynamics and practice self-care.

News and Trends

Two Black poets lean in to a discussion panel at the Guggenheim

Poets at the Museum

by Adrienne Raphel

In partnership with the Academy of American Poets, the Guggenheim is refreshing its connection to poetry with a poets-in-residence program, through which the museum is reimagining its offerings to engage the community with verse.

The Practical Writer

The Literary Life

The Time Is Now: Writing Prompts and Exercises

by Staff
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Write a poem about a formative childhood memory, a story with a powerful character who meets their demise, or an essay exploring your relationship with the spring rain.