March/April 2019

Our annual Writers Retreats Issue features twenty-two of the most inspiring retreats in the country; a profile of Marlon James on the release of his new epic fantasy novel, Black Leopard, Red Wolf; an interview with Valeria Luiselli about her new novel, Lost Children Archive; a conversation with poet Ilya Kaminsky about his new collection, Deaf Republic; the second installment of How to Get Paid; Reviewers & Critics; the art of translation; writing prompts; and more.


Angles of Experience: An Interview With Valeria Luiselli

by Lauren LeBlanc
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In all of her writing, including five books, most recently the novel Lost Children Archive,Valeria Luiselli grapples with enormous questions about immigration, incarceration, and the invented spaces of language and identity.

Shape-Shifter: A Profile of Marlon James

by Kima Jones

The Man Booker Prize-winning novelist whose new book, Black Leopard, Red Wolf, is the first title of an epic fantasy trilogy, sits down with Kima Jones for a conversation about the freedom of genre-defying fiction.


Still Dancing: An Interview With Ilya Kaminsky

by Garth Greenwell

Fifteen years in the making, Ilya Kaminsky’s Deaf Republic is a dramatic masterwork, a parable-in-poems that confronts the darkness of war and terror with the blazing light of  “a poet in love with the world.”

Special Section

News and Trends

The Practical Writer

How to Get Paid: Literary Nonprofits

by Michael Bourne
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The second installment in a yearlong series about making a living as a writer explores the benefits of working at a literary nonprofit.

The Literary Life

The Time Is Now: Writing Prompts and Exercises

by Staff
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Write a poem that flows like a river, consider food in your fiction, or create a catalogue of objects in an essay—three prompts to get you started.