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Xiaolu Guo States American Literature is Overrated, Shia LaBeouf Scandal, and More

Evan Smith Rakoff

Liel Leibovitz reports that Listen Up Philip, a movie that premieres this week at the Sundance Film Festival, has glaring parallels to the work of Philip Roth; musician Trent Reznor is on board to collaborate on the score of David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl; University of Southern California students have launched a letter-writing campaign to save USC’s Master of Professional Writing program; and other news.

A Brief History of the "P" Word

Julia Kamysz Lane

Public allegations of plagiarism are leveled at unsuspecting authors at least once a year, but their frequency doesn't diminish the calamitous results: bruised reputations, soured accusers, disenchanted readers, and riled media. This spectacle isn't, however, an invention of our media-saturated age. Public fascination with plagiarism is as old as our appetite for scandal.

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