May/June 2002

From the Ozark Mountains to the lawns of the Ivy League, poet C. D. Wright has cut a wide swath through the hedges of convention.

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Trace of a Tale: C.D. Wright: An Investigative Poem

by Bob Holman
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A colloborative interview with poet Wright.

Where Art and Poetry Collide: A Profile of John Yau

by Matthew Rohrer
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An interview with poet and writer Yau.

In Search of the Last American Man: A Profile of Elizabeth Gilbert

by Frank Bures
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An interview with Elizabeth Gilbert.

News and Trends

Poets With Altitude

by Ethan Gilsdorf
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Dialogue Through Poetry organizes Poetry on the Peaks, two dozen readings on mountaintops.

A Brief History of the "P" Word

by Julia Kamysz Lane

Public allegations of plagiarism are leveled at unsuspecting authors at least once a year, but their frequency doesn't diminish the calamitous results: bruised reputations, soured accusers, disenchanted readers, and riled media. This spectacle isn't, however, an invention of our media-saturated age. Public fascination with plagiarism is as old as our appetite for scandal.

Swenson Named Academy Director

by Mary Gannon

On April 1 Tree Swenson took up the post of executive director of the Academy of American Poets, the New York City–based membership organization responsible for founding National Poetry Month. Swenson succeeds William Wadsworth.

PSA Celebrates a Decade of Poetry in Motion

by Eleanor Henderson

This year the Poetry Society of America is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Poetry in Motion—the program that brings poems to subways and buses across the country. The 92-year-old literary nonprofit is printing newly designed posters, sponsoring a poetry contest, and hosting readings in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

The Practical Writer

Push Hands: Balancing Resistance and Revision

by Jeffrey Skinner
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The tai chi of revision and writers' resistance to change.

First: Debra Magpie Earling

by Joanna Smith Rakoff
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A profile of debut author Debra Magpie Earling.