Suzanne Rancourt

207 Walter Maxfield Road
Hadley, NY 12835
(518) 470-3078

Author's Bio

Ms. Rancourt is Abenaki/Huron decent and is a multi-modal Expressive Arts Therapist with graduate degrees and certifications in psychology, creative writing, drug and alcohol recovery. Her first book of poetry, Billboard in the Clouds received the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas First Book Award. Her second, murmurs at the gate, Unsolicited Press, is scheduled for release May 2019. Her poetry and non-fiction have appeared in New Readers Magazine, Exposition Review, Grey Borders Magazine, Big Pond Rumours, Quiddity, River Heron Review, Shaking the Sheets, The Gyroscope Review, theSame, Young Ravens Literary Review # 8, Tupelo Press Native Voices Anthology, Bright Hill Press 25th Anniversary Anthology, Dawnland Voices 2.0 #4, Northern New England Review, mgversion2>datura, Slipstream, Collections of Poetry and Prose, Muddy River Poetry Review, Ginosko, Journal of Military Experience, Cimarron Review, Callaloo. Ms. Rancourt is a USMC and Army veteran and continues to serve as a Mentor for the Saratoga County Veterans’ Peer to Peer program. Ms. Rancourt is also an Amherst Writers & Artists Affiliate and trainer. For a more complete list of qualifications, philosophy of practice etc., please, visit her website:

Publications and Prizes

Billboard in the Clouds
(Curbstone Press, 2004)
, Billboard in the Clouds
(Curbstone Press, 2004)
, murmurs at the gate
(Unsolicited Press, 2019)
Dawnland Voices - An Anthology of Indigenous Writing from New England
(University of Nebraska Press, 2014)
, Letters to Fathers from Daughters: A Pathway to Healing and Hope
(Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, 2007)
, Like Light - 25 years of poetry & prose by Bright Hill Press & writers
(Bright Hill Press, 2018)
, Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native
(University of Arizona Press, 1994)
, Sister Nations: Native American Women Writers on Community
(Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2002)
, The Senior Issues Collection: Family Issues
(McGraw-Hill, 1995)
, Through the Eye of the Deer: An Anthology of Native American Women Writers
(Aunt Lute Books, 1999)
, Tupelo Indigenous Writers Anthology
(Tupelo Press, 2019)
Avatar Review, Callaloo, Chiron Review, Dawnland Voices 2.0, Exposition Review, Ginosko Literary Journal, Gyroscope Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Northern New England Review, O-Dark-Thirty, Quiddity International Literary Journal, Saranac Review, Slipstream, Snapdragon, Tamaqua, Young Ravens Literary Review
Prizes Won: 
Native Writers' Circle of the Americas First Book Award, Billboard in the Clouds 

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Creative Nonfiction Writer, Fiction Writer, Poet
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Native American
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Farmington, ME
Raised in: 
Temple, ME
Whose Mouth Do I Speak With? I can remember my father bringing home spruce gum. He worked in the woods and filled his pockets with golden chunks of pitch. For his children he provided this special sacrament and we'd gather at his feet, around his legs, bumping his lunchbox, and his empty thermos rattled inside. Our skin would stick to Daddy's gluey clothing and we'smell like Mumma's Pine sol. We had no money for store bought gum but that's all right. The spruce gum was so close to chewing amber as though in our mouths we held the eyes of Coyote and how many other children had fathers that placed on their innocent, anxious tongues the blood of trees?
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