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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
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Jennifer Haigh, Jonathan Escoffery, Pamela Painter, Josh Shapiro, E.B. Bartels, E.C. Osundu, Justin Chen, Patricia Spears Jones, Richard Hoffman, Kevin McLellan, Lillo Way
Online, Print
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Jul 15 to Oct 15
Jan 15 to Apr 15
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2,500 to 5,000

Editorial Focus

Pangyrus is a literary magazine that is dedicated to art, ideas, and making culture thrive. Its name is a portmanteau of pangea (the world continent) and gyrus (the folds on the cerebral cortex of the brain). Pangyrus is about connection. They bring readers to make unexpected connections across a wide range of ideas, genres, and geographies. All that is worthy of thought and consideration, you’ll find here. They publish online weekly and annually produce two print publications, an anthology, and a special-themed edition.

Tips From the Editor

We publish well crafted, thought-provoking writing and multimedia storytelling in every genre you can imagine—short stories, investigative reporting, reviews, essay and memoirs, flash fiction, poetry, journalism, short documentary film and visual arts, just to name a few. If you think our readers will find it entertaining and compelling, send it our way. We read every submission that we get with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Contact Information

Greg Harris, Founding Editor
2592 Massachusetts Avenue
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