Martin Willitts Jr.

147 Mosley Dr. Apt 2
Syracuse, NY 13206
(607) 316-7928

Author's Bio

Martin Willitts Jr is a retired Librarian living in Syracuse, New York. He currently evaluates Prior Learning Evaluations for SUNY Empire State College. He has 13 full-length collections and over 20 chapbooks of poetry including his full-length National Ecological Contest winner,"Searching for What Is Not There."

Publications and Prizes

Before Anything, There Was Mystery
(Flutter Press, 2014)
, Dylan Thomas and the Writer’s Shed
(FutureCycle Press, 2017)
, Farewell--the journey new begins
(, 2006)
, How to Be Silent
(FutureCycle Press, 2016)
, Irises, the Lightning Conductor For Van Gogh's Illness
(Aldrich Press, 2014)
, Nasturtiums in Snow Understand Green Is Coming
(Foothills Publishing, 2017)
, Searching for What You Cannot See
(Hiraeth Press, 2013)
, The Heart Knows, Simply, What It Needs: Poems based on Emily Dickinson, her life and poetry
(Aldrich Press, 2012)
, The Hummingbird
(March Street Press, 2009)
, The Uncertain Lover
(Dos Madres Press, 2018)
, Three Ages of Women
(Deerbrook Editions, 2017)
A Roof of Red Tiles and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2011)
, Against Agamemnon
(WaterWood Press, 2009)
, Alice in Wonderland
(Silver Birch Press, 2015)
, Alice In Wonderland Anthology
(Silver Birch Press, 2016)
, An Outbreak of Peace: Responses to the centenary of the end of WWI
(Arachne, 2018)
, Bagel with the Bards
(ISCS Press, 2015)
, Carrying the Branch
(Glass Lyre Press, )
, Chopin With Cherries
(Moonrise Press, 2010)
, City of the Big Shoulders
(University of Iowa Press, 2012)
, Cloudburst
(Foothills Publishing, 2017)
, Collateral Damage
(Glass Lyre Press, 2016)
, Confluence; Smoke Signals In The E-Mail
(Confluence Anthology, 2006)
, Dementia
(Beatlick Press, 2019)
, Emergence
(Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2016)
, Feeding the Cat and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2011)
, Gathered: Contemporary Quakers
(Sundress Publications, 2013)
, Glimmer and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2010)
, Hope Springs a Turtle
(Lost Tower Publications, 2013)
, Hot Mess
(Sundress Publications, 2018)
, Hurricane Blues: Poems about Katrina and Rita
(Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2006)
, In Terra Pax and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2012)
, In the Telling
(Cinnamon Press, 2009)
, Jericho and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2012)
, Journey
(Eden Waters Press, 2009)
, Journey Planner and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2014)
, Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry and Peace by Bright Hill Poets & Writers
(Bright Hill Press, 2017)
, Love Notes
(Vagabondage Press, 2012)
, Meditations on Divine Names
(Moonrise Press, 2012)
, Mint Sauce and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2008)
, Nancy Drew Anthology
(Silver Birch Press, 2016)
, Night Garden Journal
(Flutter Press, 2018)
, Paradise Found
(Levellers Press, 2014)
, Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 6
(Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2018)
, Reaching Out and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2013)
, Seasons of Change
(Outrider Press, 2010)
, Shattered
(Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2016)
, Skin Deep Anthology
(Glass Lyre Press, 2016)
, Storm at Galesburg and other stories and poems
(Cinnamon Press, 2009)
, Sugar & Spice
(Glass Lyre Press, 2016)
, Survival
(Beatlick Press, 2018)
, The Book of Euclid
(Cinnamon Press, 2013)
, The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home
(Holy Cow Press, 2013)
, The Sexuality Poems
(Foothills Publishing, 2017)
, The Visitors
(Cinnamon Press, 2010)
, Tranquility
(Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2018)
, VWA: poems for Hati
(Caper Literary Journal, 2010)
, Water
(Beatlick Press, 2017)
, Weatherings
(FutureCycle Press, 2015)
, Written on Water
(Mayapple Press, 2013)
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Baskets of Tomorrow
(Flutter Press, 2009)
, City of Tents
(Crisis Chronicles Press, 2014)
, Falling In and Out of Love
(Pudding House Publications, 2005)
, Garden of French Horns
(Pudding House Publications, 2008)
, How To Find Peace
(Kattywompus Press, 2012)
, Lowering Nets of Light
(Pudding House Publications, 2007)
, Playing The Pauses In The Absence Of Stars
(Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2012)
, Secrets No One Wants To Talk About
(Dos Madres Press, 2011)
, Swimming in the Ladle of Stars
(Kattywompus Press, 2014)
, The Girl Who Sang Forth Horses and other poems
(Pudding House Publications, 2010)
, The Way Things Used To Be
(Writing Knights Press, 2014)
, Vsn Gogh's Sunflowers For Cezanne
(Finishing Line Press, 2010)
, Why Women Are a Ribbon Around a Bomb
(Last Automat Press, 2011)
, William Blake, Not Blessed Angel But Restless Man
(Red Ochre Press, 2014)
, You Enter, and It All Falls Apart
(Flutter Press, 2018)
Prizes Won: 
Nominated for 15 Pushcart and 11 Best of the Net awards. He provided his hands-on workshop “How to Make Origami Haiku Jumping Frogs” at the 2012 Massachusetts Poetry Festival.Winner of the 2012 Big River Poetry Review’s William K. Hathaway Award ; co-winner of the 2013 Bill Holm Witness Poetry Contest; winner of the 2013 “Trees” Poetry Contest; winner of the 2014 Broadsided award; winner of the 2014 Dylan Thomas International Poetry Award; Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge, June 2015,Editor’s Choice; Editor’s Choice; Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge, Artist’s Choice, November 2016, Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize, 2018.He won two Central New York Individual Artist Awards, 2016-2017 providing "Poetry On The Bus" which had 48 local poems in local buses including 20 bi-lingual poems from 7 different languages seen by thousands of bus users and people attending the New York State Fair.National Ecological Award winner for “Searching for What You Cannot See” (Hiraeth Press, 2013); National Turtle Island Editor’s Choice Award for his chapbook, “The Wire Fence Holding Back the World” (Flowstone Press, 2016). 

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