Sheryl L. Nelms

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Author's Bio

My goal since 1979 has been to have something in the mail every Friday. It works. I've had over 5,000 stories, articles and poems published in textbooks, anthologies and magazines. Fourteen collections of my poems have also been published. My poems have been used on TV, CD's, audio tapes for the blind, in Braille, on PBS radio and in mail art shows including a show in Osaka, Japan.

Publications and Prizes

Aunt Emma Collected Teeth
(Sweet Annie Press, 1999)
, Bluebonnets, Boots and Buffalo Bones
(Silver Boomer Books, 2009)
, Friday Night Desperate
(IM Press, 1997)
, Greatest Hits 1978-2003
(Pudding House Publications, 2003)
, Howling At the Gibbous Moon
(Pudding House Publications, 2008)
, Land of the Blue Paloverde
(Shooting Star Press, 1995)
, Strawberries and Rhubarb
(Peak Output Unlimited, 1990)
, Technology & Rural America/Sunrust
(Dawn Valley Press, 1987)
, The Secrets of the Wind
(Kitty Litter Press, 2002)
, Their Combs Turn Red in the Spring
(Northwoods Press, 1984)
1985 Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry
(Monitor Book Company, 1985)
, A Scent Of Apple
(Pittenbrauch Press, 1997)
, Beyond Forgetting
(Kent State University Press, 2009)
, Catching Snowflakes & Memories
(Golden Apple Press, 1997)
, Circumference Of Days
(Pittenbrauch Press, 1997)
, Dan River Anthology
(Dan River Press, 1985)
, Dan River Anthology 2002
(Dan River Press, 2001)
, Dog Blessings: Poems, Prose and Prayers Celebrating Our Relationship With Dogs
(June Cotner, 2007)
, Eating Our Hearts Out
(Crossings Press, 1992)
, Families: The Frontline of Pluralism
(Wising Up Press, 2008)
, Family, Friends And Apple Trees
(Golden Apple Press, 1997)
, Freckles to Wrinkles
(Silver Boomer Books, 2008)
, Friendship Anthology
(Colorado State University Press, 2003)
, From Seedbed to Harvest: The American Farmer
(Art Cuelo, 1985)
, From The Porch Swing: Memories Of Our Grandparents
(Silver Boomer Books, 2010)
, Full Circle Thirteen
(Guild Press, 1992)
, Girls To The Rescue
(Meadowbrook Press, 1997)
, Going Over To Your Place: Poems for Each Other
(Bradbury Press, 1986)
, Hide and Horn
(Eakin Press, 1985)
, If I Had Wanted Quiet, I Would Have Raised Goldfish
(Meadowbrook Press, 1994)
, Impressions: A Collection of Poetry
(Quill Books, 1986)
, Iowa Woman Anthology: The Best Of The First Fifteen Years
(Iowa Woman, 1995)
, Joy Of The Journey
(Golden Apple Press, 1995)
, Laundromat Anthology
(Iniquity Press, 2003)
, Lighten Up: 101 Funny Little Poems
(Meadowbrook Press, 2003)
, Looking For Your Face
(Orchard Books, 1992)
, Messages From Mothers to Sons Anthology
(Lynxfield Publishing, 2002)
, Moosehead Review Anthology
(Robert Allen, 1987)
, More Big Thoughts
(Golden Apple Press, 1996)
, Nude Erections Anthology
(Illuminati, 1985)
, Off The Cuffs: On Policing And Policed
(Jackie Sheeler, 2000)
, Older But Wiser
(Meadowbrook Press, 1994)
, Opening A Door: Reading Poetry in the Middle School
(Orchard Books, 1994)
, Our Bundle Of Joy
(Meadowbrook Press, 2001)
, Proof Rock Anthology
(Proof Rock, 1986)
, Reeds and Rushes
(Pudding House Press, 2007)
, Rising To The Dawn: A Rape Survivor's Journey Into Healing
(Little Treasure Publications, Inc., 1999)
, Second Annual Northwoods Anthology
(Northwoods Press, 2005)
, Silver Trees And Wind Songs
(Golden Apple Press, 1998)
, Soundings Anthology
(Lake Shore Publishing, 1985)
, Stories From Where We Live: The Great North American Prairie
(Milkweed Editions, 1999)
, Surviving Ophelia
(Cheryl Dellasega, 2000)
, Texas Anthology
(Place of Herons Press, 1982)
, The 100 Best Poems Of Beauty, Faith & Inspiration Anthology
(Anderie Poetry Press, 1992)
, The Best of Girls To the Rescue
(Meadowbrook Press, 2002)
, The Best of Spitball
(Spitball, 1985)
, The Funny Side Of Feelings Anthology
(Anderie Poetry Press, 1992)
, The Music of What Happens: Poems That Tell Stories
(Orchard Books, 1987)
, This Delicious Day
(Orchard Books, 1987)
, This Path
(Silver Boomer Books, 2009)
, Times of Sorrow/Times of Grace: Writing by Women of the Great Plains/High Plains
(Backwaters Press, 2001)
, To Climb A Purple Mountain
(Golden Apple Press, 1996)
, Treasure The Moment
(Quill Books, 1996)
, Ursus Press Anthology
(Ursus Press, 1986)
, When Last On the Mountain: The View From Writers Over Fifty
(Holy Cow Press, 2010)
, Wherever Home Begins
(Orchard Books, 1995)
, Winewood Women
(Winewood Publishing, 1984)
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Prizes Won: 
Shultz-Werth Research Award at South Dakota State University with $500 1st Prize for poetry manuscript, Worms After A Hard Rain. 1995 Pegasus Award from the Oklahoma Writers Federation for Land of the Blue Paloverde, a book of poetry. Also won over 100 other writing prizes.

Personal Favorites

What I'm Reading Now: 
The Night of the Gun by David Carr
Cut by Cathy Glass
Street Kid by Judy Westwater
Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts
Islands of the Damned by R.V. Burgin

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English American, Irish American
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Wichita, KS
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