July/August 2007

Our cover story is a profile of Carol Muske-Dukes, who may be best known as a poet, but the publication of Channeling Mark Twain, her third novel, might just change that.


A Novelist's Inner Poet: A Profile of Carol Muske-Dukes

by Joe Woodward
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Poet and fiction writer Carol Muske-Dukes discusses her third novel, Channeling Mark Twain.

Little Miracles: A Profile of Lydia Davis

by Nina Shengold
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Despite her penchant for literary experimentation, Lydia Davis has chosen the old-fashioned label "stories" for all of her collections, including her latest, Varieties of Disturbance.

Skywriter: A Profile of Ron Carlson

by Matthew Pitt
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For the past thirty years, the release of a new book by Ron Carlson meant only one thing: more award-winning stories. But with Five Skies, Carlson returns to the novel form.

Summer Summaries

by Staff

A selection of recently published titles—blockbuster novels, international literature, and contemporary poetry collections—for the discerning beach bum.

News and Trends

Literary MagNet

by Kevin Larimer

Literary MagNet chronicles the start-ups and closures, successes and failures, anniversaries and accolades, changes of editorship and special issues—in short, the news and trends—of literary magazines in America. This issue's MagNet features Ninth Letter, Persimmon Tree, Passager, Anderbo, storySouth, Hotel St. George Press, Five Chapters, and Ellipses.

Small Press Points

by Kevin Larimer

Small Press Points highlights the happenings of the small press players. This issue features Archipelago Books, Ugly Duckling Presse, Akashic Books, Fence Books, and Emergency Press.

Not a Bird, nor a Plane

by Sarah Weinman

A new generation of writers is now incorporating superheroes into their fiction, bringing a literary air to the larger-than-life modern archetypes.

The Written Image: Poets on Painters

by Staff

Untitled by Lamar Peterson is one of twenty works showcased in Poets on Painters, an exhibit at the Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University that pairs up paintings with the poems that inspired them.

The Practical Writer

Will Write for Free: Why Is Asking to Get Paid So Difficult?

by Steve Almond
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Writers have a right to seek compensation for their time, talents, and creativity.

The Literary Life

A Writer's Bed: The Center of All Good Things

by Tova Mirvis
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Numerous authors, from Eudora Welty to Edith Wharton, preferred to write in bed.

Free to Read: A Writer's First Time in the Library

by Sheila Kohler
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The novelist and Princeton professor recalls her first experience in a library, as a fellow with the Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers.