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Elegy With Her Red-Tipped Fingers


Tarfia Faizullah performs a poem from her poetry collection Seam (Southern Illinois University Press, 2014) in a film by poet Jamaal May. Faizullah is one of the debut poets featured in "Breaking Into the Silence" in the January/February issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.


Jennifer De Leon


Brookline Booksmith hosts a reading and discussion with Celeste Ng, author of Everything I Never Told You (Penguin Press, 2014) and Jennifer De Leon, editor of Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education (University of Nebraska Press, 2014). Read "Ethnicity and Craft: Creating Characters, Not Caricatures" by De Leon in the new issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

How Literature Saved My Life


"It should absolutely, completely undermine who you think you are—that's the mark of art to me." David Shields discusses his writing practice and reads from his book How Literature Saved My Life (Knopf, 2013). For more on Shields, read "Art vs. Life: A Quarrel Between David Shields and Caleb Powell" in the new issue of Poets & Writers Magazine. Shields and Powell will discuss more on January 10 at the Poets & Writers Live event in San Francisco.

Hurston/Wright Foundation Celebrates


"At the Hurston/Wright Foundation we don't believe the glass is half empty or half full, we believe that it is always overflowing—with ideas, with vision, and inspiration to serve black writers." President emeritus and cofounder Marita Golden introduces honorees at the thirteenth annual Legacy Awards. Golden speaks about the organization in the new issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

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