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Harryette Mullen at Beyond Baroque


“Instead of scanning newspaper headlines, / I spend the morning reading names / of flowers and trees in the botanical garden.” Harryette Mullen reads a selection of poems from her collection Urban Tumbleweed: Notes From a Tanka Diary (Graywolf Press, 2013) at Beyond Baroque in this Poetry.LA video.


Poets & Writers Live: Los Angeles Highlights


The inaugural Poets & Writers Live event, held at Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles on January 11, 2014, featured advice and inspiration from authors Harryette Mullen, Ron Carlson, Dani Shapiro, Terry Wolverton, Lauren Humphrey, Meghan Daum, Charles Yu, and others. 

Why We Write: Los Angeles


Poets & Writers Magazine editor in chief Kevin Larimer leads a conversation with poet Harryette Mullen, fiction writers Ron Carlson and Charles Yu, and Los Angeles Times columnist and author Meghan Daum about the personal, political, and professional rewards, ramifications, and reasons for doing what we do.

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