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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Translation
Online, Digital, Video
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Sep 1 to Jan 1
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Less than 3 months
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No payment
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Editorial Focus

Established in 2015, Apricity Press was created to fill an immense void in the publishing world. While there are a myriad of presses, literary journals, and magazines, many lack the ability to publish multi-genre works, especially dance works. Because of this, Apricity constructed a space where incredible literary, art, and dance works could be published side by side, showcasing the tremendous connections between the forms.

Tips From the Editor

No matter the genre, we look for work that’s sure of itself, work that has its own presence. We don’t conform to outdated notions of what art should and shouldn’t be, and we instead look for work that purposefully does whatever it wants to. Whether that’s a traditional sonnet or an abstract dance film filmed upside down and backwards, if you’re doing it on purpose, we want to see it!

Contact Information

Mira Mason-Reader, Founder and Editor in Chief
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