November/December 2007

Our cover story is a profile of poet Afaa Michael Weaver, who, with the release of The Plum Flower Dance, offers a new perspective on twenty years of writing.



The Path of Creation: A Profile of Afaa Michael Weaver

by Trent Masiki
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With the release of The Plum Flower Dance, poet Afaa Michael Weaver offers a new perspective on twenty years of writing.

The Sadness They Carry On Their Backs: A Profile of Benjamin Percy

by Kris Babe
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The stories in Benjamin Percy's second book, Refresh, Refresh, explore what the author calls "the burden of masculinity."

Questions With Answers and Questions Without: A Profile of Alan Lightman

by Henry Stimpson
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For physicist-turned-novelist Alan Lightman, whose Ghost has just been published, life is one question after another.

MFA Programs

In Defense of MFA Programs

by Joshua Henkin
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A creative writing professor weighs in on the value of MFA programs.

Six New Programs

by Staff
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California State University, Long Beach, Queens College, CUNY, Rutgers University, Newark, University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Vanderbilt University

Nine Distinctive Programs

by Staff
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California Institute of the Arts, Chatham University, Hamline University, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, University of Baltimore, University of Iowa, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Texas, Austin, Whidbey Writers Workshop

Growing Diversity in Graduate School

by Rochelle Spencer

Today, some graduate programs seek to celebrate different kinds of writing by creating or strengthening initiatives that appeal to students from a variety of geographic locations, ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes. And not only are the institutions doing more, students are also taking an active role.

News and Trends

Killing Them Softly

by Andrew Furman

Nearly three decades after introducing Zuckerman in The Ghost Writer and with the release of Exit Ghost, Philip Roth joins the ranks of authors who have bid farewell to their beloved protagonists. 

Literary MagNet

by Kevin Larimer

Literary MagNet chronicles the start-ups and closures, successes and failures, anniversaries and accolades, changes of editorship and special issues-in short, the news and trends-of literary magazines in America. This issue's MagNet features American Short Fiction, American Poetry Review, Conjunctions, Fence, Tigertail: A South Florida Poetry Annual, Cave Wall, and Poetry.

Small Press Points

by Kevin Larimer

Small Press Points highlights the happenings of the small press players. This issue features Akashic Books, the New Press, Melville House, Seven Stories Press, Disinformation, the Feminist Press, Slope Editions, Essay Press, and Rose Metal Press.

Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

by Staff

Page One features a sample of titles we think you'll want to explore. With this installment, we offer excerpts from Rhode Island Notebook by Gabriel Gudding and Bowl of Cherries by Millard Kaufman.

The Written Image: The Writer's Brush

by Staff

A look at select images from The Writer’s Brush, a collection of essays paired with visual art produced by some of the world’s most famous writers.

The Practical Writer

Extreme Research: Out of the Library and Into the World

by Jenna Blum
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Research takes the form of storm-chasing.

And the Winner Is: Tips From a Pushcart Prize Editor

by Anthony Brandt
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The former essays editor for the Pushcart Prize discusses the process of selecting winning work.

Blurb My Book, Please!: One Author's Humble Request

by Matt Marinovich
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A first-time novelist seeks a blurb.

The Literary Life

Literary Laryngitis: How One Writer Found Her Voice

by Katherine Dykstra
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A creative nonfiction writer develops her personal style while freelance writing.

The Art of Reading John Ashbery: Driven to Poetic Distraction

by Travis Nichols
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A survey of Ashbery's oeuvre, after last fall's publication of the poet's twenty-fifth poetry collection, A Worldly Country.