January/February 2008

Our cover story is a profile of novelist Susan Choi, who, in all three of her novels, draws from dramatic events in history to tell stories with present-day relevance, but her latest, A Person of Interest, hits especially close to home.


The Moment of Origin

by Jessica Murphy
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A profile of novelist Susan Choi.

The Moment of Origin: A Profile of Susan Choi

by Jessica Murphy
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A profile of novelist Susan Choi who discusses her book A Person of Interest.

Finding the Centers

by Frank Bures
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A profile of mathematician and fiction writer Manil Suri who discusses his novel The Age of Shiva.

Finding the Centers: A Profile of Manil Suri

by Frank Bures
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A profile of mathematician and novelist Manil Suri about his book The Age of Shiva.

Literary Agents

Calling All Agents

by Sandra Hurtes
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How to attract agents' attention.

California Dreaming

by Amy Klein
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A roundup of California agents.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

by Cathie Beck
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When to end the author-agent relationship.

Twenty-one Agents You Should Know

by Staff
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A listing of agents, the genres they represent, and their contact information.

News and Trends

U.S. Postal Rates Up, Editors Down

by Kevin Nance

Low-budget literary magazines are struggling to absorb the impact of the Postal Regulatory Commission's recent ruling in favor of a new pricing structure that favors large-circulation publications with heavy advertising.

California Complex

by Ken Gordon

Showtime's Californication—a series about a best-selling writer (played by David Duchovny) who succumbs to the glitzy West Coast lifestyle—is renewed for a second season and leaves contributor Ken Gordon wondering, "What's the appeal?"

Small Press Points

by Kevin Larimer

Small Press Points highlights the happenings of the small press players. This issue features Akashic Books, Belladonna Books, Cool Grove Press, Fence Books, Litmus Press, Ugly Duckling Presse, Four Way Books, and Tin House Books.

Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

by Staff

Page One features a sample of titles we think you'll want to explore. With this installment, we offer excerpts from Beautiful Children by Charles Bock, Behind My Eyes by Li-Young Lee, and Infamous Landscapes by Prageeta Sharma.

Venture Capital for the Literary Set

by Anne Trubek

After sitting through a lecture about the harsh reality of literary publishing, an idealistic MFA grad took action and founded the Literary Ventures Fund, whose mission is to financially support books of all genres.

The Written Image: Men of Letters...

by Staff

A look at select images from Men of Letters and People of Substance, a collection of author portraits created with letters from the writers' names in the typeface that best represents the style of their work.

Literary MagNet

by Kevin Larimer

Literary MagNet chronicles the start-ups and closures, successes and failures, anniversaries and accolades, changes of editorship and special issues—in short, the news and trends—of literary magazines in America. This issue's MagNet features Southern Humanities Review, Nimrod, Many Mountains Moving, Shenandoah, Virginia Quarterly Review, Notes From the Underground, and Slice.

The Practical Writer

Paperback Writer: Do I Want to Be One?

by Steve Almond
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Fiction writer Steve Almond discusses the advantages and disadvantages of publishing books in paperback format.

First: Tahmima Anam's A Golden Age

by Nicole Pezold
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A profile of Tahmima Anam on the occasion of the publication of her debut novel.

The Literary Life

Imperative: The Pitfalls of Historical Fiction

by Aaron Hamburger
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A novelist's take on the challenges of writing historical fiction.

To Make Me Who I Am: Poetry As a Way Out

by Reginald Shepherd
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Poet Reginald Shepherd discusses poetry's essential role in his life.