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Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Translation
Representative Authors: 
Our most frequently viewed author pages (fiction, poetry, nonfiction) include Shani Naylor, Lily Rose Kosmicki, Jasveen Kaur S., Shannon Wood Rothenberg, Zane Perdue, Yichun Jiang, Sid Faulk, Karan Madhok, and Anna Codina, and Adrienne Marie Barrios. For a broader sample of the spectrum, we include Hernán Franzese, Hans Raimund, Marcantoni Malagarriga-Picas, El Petit de Cal Eril, Dominique Dève, Ana Jovanovska, Renata Duran Grüninger, Jaachị Anyatọnwụ, Joey Rodriguez, Harry Edgar Palacio, henry 7. reneau, jr., and Jules Mithra. Award winners include Marc Joan and Ingrid L. Taylor.
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Mar 1 to May 31
Sep 1 to Nov 30
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3 to 6 months
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No payment
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Editorial Focus

We publish fiction, poetry, music, visual media, and otherwise in English, Català, Castellano, and Deutsch. We frequently publish work—or play—by writers and artists from outside the United States and actively seek more submissions by Neurodivergent, BIPOC, Women+, and LGBTQ+ writers, as well as their allies. Pieces concerned with ecological themes or inclusive of nonhuman species are welcome.

Tips From the Editor

We strongly encourage those submitting to our journal to sample a few pieces before they do so, as what we publish is pointed and eclectic. It is worth reviewing the Submissions page on the website before reading the detailed submission guidelines found on Submittable. Authors with questions or concerns should not hesitate to reach out to us via the Contact page.

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Kevin Kaiser
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