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Radoslav Rochallyi is a Malta and Breclav-based philosopher, writer, and poet.

Alma mater no.1:  London International Graduate School - The Author graduated in Management from the London International Graduate School (MBA, 2012 – 2014)

Alma mater no.2: PRATT Institute - The author holds a certificate (Grade: A) in Fine arts, which he received at the PRATT INSTITUTE (Manhattan Campus, 144 West 14th Street, NY 10011)

In the field of philosophy of poetry, he was influenced by the work of the philosopher Martin Heidegger, the physicist Max Tegmark and the mathematician G. H. Hardy. In the field of creation, he was shaped by the works of early experimental avant-garde artists (painters and poets). In his philosophical work, he is influenced by anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism, while he stands out significantly against the ideas and philosophies of P. Singer, J. Rawls and Jürgen Habermas.

In the DNA-Canvases of Poetry collection, he uses mathematical equations to express his poetry (equation poetry). In addition to his book, poetic equations have also been published in anthologies and journals.

In an interview he gave to Guts Publishing, he answered the question: "What is the relationship between poetry, mathematics, and philosophy?" as follows: "From my point of view, each of them speaks of the same epistemic thing in their own language. Of course, mathematics cannot talk about ontology or metaphysics. Just as philosophy cannot speak of irrational rationality as poetry can."

Rochallyi is the author of eleven books.

Poetry: Panoptikum: Haikai no renga (2004), Yehidah (2014), Golden Divine (2015), Blood (2015), Torwalden (2016), Mechanics of everyday life (2018), Arété (2018), DNA (2019), PUNCH (2020), # mathaeata (2021)

Prose: A Letter for a son (2017), Mythra Invictus (2019), ESSE (2020).

Description of the Golden Divine collection:

Golden ratio poetry is an experimental poetry form similar to the Fib and Cadae. Golden ratio poetry is based on the Golden ratio. Golden Divine – the collection of poetry authored by Radoslav Rochallyi - is probably the first collection of poetry of its kind in the world that uses this form. This means that the creation is to see a strict structure based on the golden number 1.618033 ... A typical representative form of a six line, 1/6/1/8 / (0) / 3/3 – with as many words or syllables per line, which corresponde to the golden number. The only limitation of the poetry, according to the golden number, is the number of words or syllables monitored by the sequence of the digits 1.618033. Greek letter phi (φ) represents the golden ratio. Its value is: 1,618034" The only limitation of the poetry, according to the golden number, is the number of words or syllables monitored by the sequence of digits 1.618033.  


 Description of the PUNCH collection: Poems based on mathematics, especially on mathematical equations. Both the texts and the equations are based on the author's need to divide the text into a semantically and formally clear form. This work does not belong to concrete, pattern, graphic, code, FIB, cadae or visual poetry. It is a clear alternative approach in postmodern creation.


Publications & Prizes

Cyber Smut (Guts Publishing, 2020)
Maintenant 14 (Three Rooms Press, 2020)
Journals: , ,
Down in the Dirt
Garfield Lake Review
, , ,
In Parentheses
, , ,
Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism & Translation
Minnesota Review
New Note Poetry
Open: Journal of Arts & Letters
, , , ,
The Literary Bohemian
The Minnesota Review
Variant Literature
Prizes won: 

In 2018, he won second and third place in the national competition Reading Prize 2018 of the Association of Slovak Writers for the poetry collection Panoptikum and for the prose book Letter for a Son.

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I have many favorite authors. I love classical and experimental poetry. I like authors who struggle with forms of creation. On the other hand, I saw pieces of classical poetry that were so amazing that I forgot to breathe.

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