Phillip Provance

Woodstock, IL 60098

Author's Bio

Phill Provance formerly served as Executive Editor at MediaTier Ltd., Editor at Large for Poets at Work, and an Associate Editor for Danse Macabre online literary journal, as well as author of the comic strip "The Adventures of Ace Hoyle" (MediaTier Ltd. 2008-2010). His journalism, poetry and prose have appeared in or are forthcoming from The Baltimore Sun, InQuest Gamer magazine, Wizard World Online, The Crab Creek Review, Orbis, Arsenic Lobster, Noctua, Vandalia, The Molotov Cocktail, Vine Leaves, Poetry Journal in Print, The Axe Factory Review, Word Riot, decomP magazinE, and many others, and in 2017, his poem "The Stenographers Union" was selected by Diane Seuss as a finalist for the Crab Creek Review Prize, his "Hours," "My Old Man" and "Given the Day" were awarded the Sheila-na-gig Quarterly Prize, his "Why the Coyote Doesn't Just Order Chinese" placed in the Shadow Award, and his "Triangle" was shortlisted for the Fortnight Prize. His first poetry chapbook, "The Day the Sun Rolled Out of the Sky," was published by Cy Gist Press in December 2010 and received three Pushcart nominations and one nomination each for the Best of the Web and Best of the Net for its contents, from the magazines in which they previously appeared, and several of his poems have also been translated into Vietnamese by Vietnamese New Formalist Khe Iem. He is also a regular presenter at academic conferences on the topics of Appalachian literature and formalism, and his critical essay "Warring with Whitmania: 'Second Wave New Formalism' as a Theoretically and Practically Coherent Curative to Free Verse Absolutism" is forthcoming in the anthology The Poetic Legacy of Whitman, Williams, and Ginsberg from PCCC in 2018. His first full-length non-fiction work is forthcoming from The History Press in 2019, as is his second poetry chapbook from Cy Gist. He previously studied English literature at Oxford University and Bethany College and is currently completing his MFA in Poetry at WV Wesleyan College. A native Appalachian born and raised in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, he now lives near Chicago, Illinois, and, when not writing, enjoys spending time with his son, Ledger.

Publications and Prizes

Arsenic Lobster 2011 Anthology
(Arsenic Lobster/Misty Publications, 2011)
, The Idiom Magazine: Anthology of Volumes 1 & 2
(The Idiom, 2008)
, The Poetic Legacy of Whitman, Williams, and Ginsberg
(pccc, 2018)
Arsenic Lobster, Axe Factory Review, Baltimore Sun, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Crab Creek Review, Decomp Magazine, New Haven Review, Noctua Review, Orbis: An International Quarterly Of Prose And Fiction, Sheila-Na-Gig, the idiom, The Molotov Cocktail, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Word Riot
The Day the Sun Rolled Out of the Sky
(Cy Gist Press, 2010)
Prizes Won: 
"The Stenographers Union" selected as a finalist by Diane Seuss for the Crab Creek Review Prize (2017); "Why the Coyote Doesn't Just Order Chinese" placed in the top 10 for the Shadow Award by Molotov Cocktail (2017); "Triangle" shortlisted for the fourth Fortnight Prize by Eyewear Publishing (2017); "Hours," "My Old Man" and "Given the Day" awarded the Sheila-na-gig Online Quarterly Prize (2017); Pushcart nomination by Asian Cha for "St. Petersburg Has Many Churches" (2011); Pushcart nomination by Cy Gist Press for "Sir Roger Penrose Finds God" (2011); Pushcart nomination by Flamma Bombo for "I Have Been an Empty Church" (2011); Best of the Web nomination by Asian Cha for "St. Petersburg Has Many Churches" (2011); Best of the Net nomination by Asian Cha for "St. Petersburg Has Many Churches" (2011)

Personal Favorites

What I'm Reading Now: 
Selected Poems by John Ashbery
Satan Says by Sharon Olds
Olives by A.E. Stallings
Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore
Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
Favorite Books: 
Love is a Dog from Hell by Charles Bukowski, Crow by Ted Hughes, The Night Abraham Called to the Stars by Robert Bly,, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda, Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke, Ariel by Silvia Plath, Another Time by W.H. Auden, Geography III by Elizabeth Bishop, Return to the City of White Donkeys by James Tate, and The World Doesn't End by Charles Simic
Favorite Authors: 
Bukowski, Bly, Hughes, Neruda, Auden, Rilke, Plath, Bishop, Roethke, Tate, Simic, Follain

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Identifies as: 
Appalachian, British, Caucasian, Celtic American, Christian, Disabled, English American, European American, French, Irish American, Italian American, Scotch-Irish American
Prefers to work with: 
Adults, At Risk Youth, Children, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender, Homeless people, Hospital patients, Mentally Ill, Naturalists/Environmentalists, People with Disabilities, Seniors, Teachers, Teenagers, Veterans
Fluent in: 
Born in: 
Mt. Pleasant
Raised in: 
Connellsville, PA
"The Coyote, in fact, is not a Coyote but a man, and all the Acme shit and the Road Runner himself are just figments of his imagination. Really, his name is Bob. He’s the lone survivor of a nuclear war. He whips his body wildly at an imagined bird, imagining himself an equally small canine. It’s ridiculous, he knows. But what else is there to do when you are a meter underground and the last of your kind? You might as well dream big or go home." (from "Why the Coyote Doesn't Just Order Chinese," The Molotov Cocktail, 2017)
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