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The Nation Reading Series: Omotara James, Charif Shanahan, and Maggie Smith


“In Lagos, we name our girls / Darling, Sincere, Precious, because / A name is a stake in the grave.” Omotara James reads her poem “Half Girl, Then Elegy,” which appears in her collection, Song of My Softening (Alice James Books, 2022), for this virtual reading with Charif Shanahan and Maggie Smith, hosted by Kaveh Akbar, poetry editor of the Nation.

John Keene and Sharon Olds at 92NY


“We are the quiet street hours before doors open. / We are the first words, and the parting ones.” John Keene reads “Pulse” and other poems from his National Book Award–winning collection Punks: New & Selected Poems (The Song Cave, 2021), for this 92NY reading with Sharon Olds, author most recently of Balladz (Knopf, 2022). Keene and Olds are introduced by poets Dante Micheaux and Omotara James.

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