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Congotronic by Shane Book

Shane Book reads a selection of poems from his latest collection, Congotronic, forthcoming in September from University of Iowa Press. African Evening I had a thing for mange.Her skin was fluorescent with it.The...

Your Face in Mine by Jess Row

Jess Row reads an excerpt from his novel, Your Face in Mine, published in August by Riverhead Books. Your Face in Mine It doesn’t seem possible, even now, that it could begin the way it begins, in the blank light...

Agents & Editors: New York City 2014

Michael Szczerban, senior editor at Regan Arts, leads a discussion about how editors and agents work together on behalf of authors at the second Poets & Writers Live event this past June in New York City. Panelists include agents Amy Berkower of...

Miss the Hiss of Voices on Vinyl?

Jonathan Vatner

Harry and Lynne Sharon Schwartz revive the Calliope Author Readings, their series of original recordings from the 1960s by novelists James Baldwin, Philip Roth, John Updike, and others in their early careers—by converting the original vinyl recordings to digital.


Once I Was Cool by Megan Stielstra

Megan Stielstra reads an excerpt from her debut essay collection, Once I Was Cool, forthcoming in May from Curbside Splendor. Stop Reading and Listen   1. Just after we eloped and just before the housing market crashed, my...

Mad Honey Symposium by Sally Wen Mao

Sally Wen Mao reads five poems from her debut collection, Mad Honey Symposium, forthcoming in May from Alice James Books. Valentine for a Flytrap You are a hairy painting. I belong to your jaw.Nothing slakes you—no...


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