Annual Journal Sponsors Obama Contest

Don Williams, the editor of the annual literary magazine New Millennium Writings, recently established a new contest that offers a thousand dollars for the best creative writing on the subject of president Barack Obama. 

After receiving an outpouring of response to an essay about the newly inaugurated commander in chief that he posted last month on his own Web site, Williams decided to accept online submissions "for a once-only special contest to mark this moment in our still-young millennium." The Special Contest on Obama is open to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers. One winner, who will receive a thousand dollars, and at least three runners-up will be published in the next issue of New Millennium Writings and on the journal's Web site.

Writers may submit as many poems, stories, or essays as they'd like, but the entry fee for each is $17. Work that has already been published elsewhere, either online or in a magazine with a print circulation under five thousand, will be accepted. The deadline is March 1. Complete guidelines are available on the New Millennium Writings Web site.


Entertainment Weekly's Oscar Poetry Contest

Okay, so this contest doesn't offer literary fame or fortune—or much of anything, really, beyond a little fun. But if you're into poetry and movies, Entertainment Weekly is holding a contest in honor of Hollywood's biggest self-congratulatory party—the Academy Awards—that might be of interest.

After the editors of the popular culture magazine received a letter in the form of a poem celebrating Oscar season from a reader in McHenry, Illinois (who somehow manages to reference Revolutionary Road, Milk, Gran Torino, Frost/Nixon, My Bloody Valentine, Fantasia, Slumdog Millionaire, Marley and Me, Liar, Liar, Yes Man, The Wrestler, and The Dark Knight, all in thirty-four lines) they posted it on Entertainment Weekly's Web site and invited poets to submit their own Oscar-themed verse.

So go ahead, put your film critic's hat on and submit a poem before those little gold statues are handed out on February 22.



Senate Votes to Cut Arts From Economic Stimulus Bill

by Staff

The United States Senate voted on Friday to cut funding for the arts from the economic recovery bill. The amendment to the bill, offered by Republican senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, passed by a wide margin, seventy-three votes to twenty-four. The House of Representatives had approved fifty million dollars in supplemental grants funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) as part of the $819 billion economic stimulus bill put forward by president Barack Obama.

Rebecca Dugas

there is     power in
missing a     page.     (A) brilliant
that     one poem has
survived     fragments     are     in some
cases     the     heart
(A) single word     in
a blizzard
bring to mind
poetry     existing     by striking
Fact     independent

in its own right
it     soared

Brett Lundy

Poets     that     are
missing     that rest
in     Winter
only one
survived     the rest are fragments
one of the fragments begins
while another is     trapped
in     a blizzard
of     haunting fragments

an independent

named     National

word of text     that remain     The
Error     of
Terrorism     seem to float down the pages as if
literally erased from     text.
at the time of the terrorist attacks

Nicole Brown

Poets     know     that there is

nine books     that


the     04
to     the     School of


the     Mcdonald(s) has

the original chapter

has     no regard
of the Wave

Emily Rose

in words
hat     provid
translation     he work
lyric poetry     has
the rest     where words
are illegible
is a     word trapped
in an essay

he poet
an important
its riveting

the text
shifting fields

of     every page with     lines

to float down
missing words

age of     uncertainties


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