Genres Published: 
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Translation
Representative Authors: 
Robbi Overbey, Alma Mancilla, Uri Gordon, Robert G. Penner
Reading Period: 
May 1 to May 15
Response Time: 
Less than 3 months
Charges Reading Fee: 
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 
Number of Debut Authors per Issue: 
A few so far
No payment

Editorial Focus

Lenticular is an online journal that publishes essays, interviews, fiction, poetry, art, experimental and hybrid forms. Based in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Lenticular is influenced by the many languages of daily life and all their dialects. Their politics are somewhat anarcho-surrealist, but they aren’t interested in converting anyone to anything. Their working motto is “Death Before Dead Language.”

Tips From the Editor

We read every submission sent our way as soon as we are able. We try to reply somewhat quickly.

Contact Information

R. Cleffi, Editor
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Last updated: Apr 14, 2024