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Find a home for your poems, stories, essays, and reviews by researching the publications vetted by our editorial staff and listed in the Literary Magazines database. Here you’ll find editorial policies, submission guidelines, and contact information—everything you need to determine which publications match your vision for your writing and your writing life. Use the filters below to find magazines with reading periods that are open now or opening soon (within the next thirty days), accept unsolicited submissions, and match all of your criteria for the perfect publisher of your work.

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  • The Q&A Queer Zine is a small zine staffed by lgbtq+ writers and visual artists.

    The need for community, support, and belonging brought this group together to ask fundamental questions about their place in the writing world...

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    Reading Period: Aug 8 to Nov 27
    Genre: Poetry, Fiction
  • Qu is a literary journal, published by the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte. The Qu editorial staff is comprised of current students. It publishes fiction, poetry, essays and script excerpts of outstanding quality. Payment...

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    Reading Period: May 15 to Aug 15
    Temporarily Closed to Submissions
  • Quail Bell Magazine encourages original thought, open dialogue, and community-building through content that explores the relationship between The Real and The Unreal.

    Reading Period: Jan 1 to Dec 31
  • Quarterly West looks for writing that is: Exciting. Challenging. Risky. Unpredictable. And Different. Different stomps in. Maybe it seeps in. Sometimes, and in our favorite works, different is always already there and it strikes flint...

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    Reading Period: Mar 15 to Mar 30
  • ൪uartet is an online poetry journal, published four times a year, designed by women over fifty to highlight the creativity of women fifty and over. We believe experience speaks for itself, that by fifty we’ve accumulated enough courage...

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    Reading Period: Jan 8 to Feb 8, Apr 8 to May 8, Jul 8 to Aug 8, Oct 8 to Nov 8
    Genre: Poetry