Malik Crumpler

Poet, Creative Nonfiction Writer, Spoken Word Artist

Paris, France

Author's Bio


Malik Ameer Crumpler is a poet, rapper, composer, editor & professor who's been involved in over 50 albums, hosted/ moderated numerous international events, produced several Glitch Art films, and written 7 books of Poetry.  Originally from Oakland, California, Malik moved to Paris, France in 2016 after living in NYC for 12 years where he earned his MFA in Creative Writing from L.I.U. Brooklyn. Editor-at-Large for The Opiate, as well as a Poetry Editor for Paris Lit Up Magazine, Malik’s most recent collection of existential poetry, “The Rest Is Now (a poetry EP)” was toured throughout France, England, Amsterdam, and Washington D.C. during 2019-2020. 


April 2022 - "10:11 El Fused" by Lauriel Michele feat. Malik Ameer Crumpler

Dec. 2021 - "An African American in Paris" by Florence Ladd -

Oct. 2021 - "ROLLER-SKATING notes: Interview with Nina Živanćević" -

Oct. 2021 - The Poets Ep. 11 Malik Ameer Crumpler & No Surrender:

Sept. 2021 - SHINKA "Don't Change/ You're the worst":

Mars. 2021 - THOSE WHOMYNS:

Mars. 2021 - Ieva Dubova premieres collaboration with Malik Ameer Crumpler on Resonance 104.4 FM


Published Poetry Books & Chapbooks:

The Rest Is Now (Isolation Collection Prague, Czech Republic 2020)/ Beneath The Underground: Collected Raps 2000 - 2018 (Satori Ideas Paris, France 2018)/  Inevitable Mutations Act II (B'AM Paris, France 2015)/ (((((((Inevitable Mutations)))))) Act I (On Point Bruxelles​​​​​​, ​Belgium 2015)/ §§§§LOCKED LANGUAGE§§§§§ (B'AM Paris, France 2014)/ LITTLE EVERYWHERE (ANAÏS EDITION) –(Satori Ideas, New York 2014)/ Amber Hymns : poems, prayers, raps (Satori Ideas, New York 2011)

Purchasing links for Malik's books:


(((((Inevitable Mutations)))))))) w/ Alex Deforce 2015

Inevitable Mutations Act I.5 2015

Inevitable Mutations Act II w/ Alex Deforce (Post-everythingism) 2015

((((A SELFY SUPREME))))) 2014


Residencies, Lectures, Conferences, Readings, Interviews, Features & Commissions:

Accent Global Paris "New Networks Nurturing New Narratives: African American Artists in Paris" -A Lecture (May 2022) / "Le Ortique: Le Ortique Podcast Festival vol. 2" for Poetry Day Ireland 2022 / Everybody Press: "my heartbreaking jibberjabber" by Leo Romeo Valentino (Brooklyn, NY book launch 2022) / Paris College Of Arts "Time Travelling with Revision: A lecture" (2022)/ Ambit Magazine #246 (London, England 2022)/ Moonstone Arts Center 2021 Featured Poets Anthology (Philadelphia, P.A. 2022) / Ambit Radio (London, England 2021)/ The Bay State Banner (Boston, MA Dec. 2021)/ Theology @B'AM Private Salon (Paris, France Dec. 2021 )/ Wrongdoing Magazine Issue II (Canada, Oct. 2021)/ Nina Živančević "Roller-skating Notes" Book launch @ PLU (Oct. 2021)/ Jamika Ajalon "Skye Papers" book launch & interview at the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore (Paris, France Sept. 2021)/ The Poets Ep 11 music by No Surrender (NYC Aug. 2021)/ Toni X "Let It Go!" Book Launch @PLU (Aug. 2021)/ "PLU Open Mic featuring the 9 Muses" ( Julliet 2021) / Le Ortique "Di lei che non conosco”  (Rome, Italy Online Reading 18 June 2021)/ Love Love Magazine #4 Launch (14 June 2021 Paris, France)/  'Terrifying Tenderness': PLU Workshop for "Still-at-Home! Fringe LitFest" University of Glasgow (Scotland May 2021)/ Homage to Lewis Warsh Online Reading (April, 30th 2021 NYC)/ Poetry Day Ireland: Virtual Poetry Festival curated by Amy Barry  (Ireland, April 2021)/ "Ieva Dubova premieres her new neo-classical collaborative project with Malik Ameer Crumpler on hellogoodbyeshow" Resonance 104.4 FM (London, March 2021)/ Moonstone International Virtual Reading –  Alliance Française de Philadelphia  (Online Paris et Philadelphia, 2021)/ "My Coffee" Issue 35 - Noise  Postscript Magazine (Paris, France & United Arab Emirates 2021)/ The Poetry Question #TPQ5: MAGGS VIBO (2021)/ Fee Griffin’s Versal Book Launch, Amsterdam  2020/  ¡DADA! 2020 International Online Festival / Manderley Collective’s “-afterTHOUGHTS” 2020/ Warner Music Group #BlackOutTuesday Virtual Townhall hosted by ADA (London & NYC 2020) / The REACH at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 2020 / Day Eight The D.C. Poet Project WE ACT RADIO (Washington D.C. 2020)/ Busboys and Poets 14th & V (Washington D.C. 2020) / African Americans and The Vote – A Black History Celebration @ Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Poetry Ministry (Washington D.C. 2020) /  SPIT DAT Speakeasy (Washington D.C. 2020) / Words  On Wednesday with Miss Kiane (Washington D.C. 2020) / Cloud and Fire Spoken Word and Musical Cabaret (Washington D.C. 2020) / Busboys and Poets 450K spotlight (Washington D.C. 2020) / Life Asset Entrepreneurship Seminar: Skyland Workforce  Center (Washington D.C. 2020) / Busboy and Poets Anacostia spotlight (Washington D.C. 2020) / École Militaire Paris, France (2020)/ L’Air Arts Paris Residency (2020)/  Melodic Distraction Radio Liverpool, England (2019) / Black Beacon Sound  Sheffield, England (2019) / Blues sur Seine  Aubergenville, France (2019) / Versal's VERSO  Volume 5  "Mass" (Amsterdam, 2019)/ "Making From The Mess" Sorbonne Université Paris, France (2019) / “Which Richard Wright Are You?’ The Red Wheelbarrow Paris, France (2019)/ Lycée Collège Montaigne Paris, France (2019)/  Oxford Brookes University: TORCH Cultural Diversity in Literature: A Discussion/ Oxford Writers House Paris Lit Up Showcase. Oxford University (2019) / New Writing South: Writers Day Workshops & Q&A “Strong Words” Brighton, England (2019)/ Shakespeare & Company Writing Workshop featured writer. Paris, France (2019)/  Shakespeare & Company Paris Lit Up Writing Workshop Host. Paris, France (2019)/  Paris Lit Up Richard Wrighting: A Haiku Dialogue (2019)/ Catullus & Zukofsky: Performing translation for Berkeley Books Of Paris Fundraiser (2018)/ Inter-Zones Festival Paris, France 2019/ Arat Kilo  Festival ENRACINEMENT / DÉRACINEMENT – DÉPLACEMENT (3e édition 2018)  Orléans, France/ Arat Kilo Festival Jazz sous les pommiers Normandie, France 2018/ Spoken Word Paris  “A 21st Century Underground Railroad Meeting Analyzing The Paradox Of Violence”  Paris, France 2018/  MayWay Records Kortrijk, Belgium 2018/ L’Openbach Ecocentric Festival Paris, France 2017/ Gilles Peterson BBC 6 London, England (2017) /  Square Root Of Love Valentine’s Day In Paris (The Rumpus) Paris, France 2017/ World Wide Radio London, England 2017/ World Radio Paris "Turning Points" Episode 24 (Paris, France 2017)/ Worship Lab #2 @The American Church In Paris 2016/ Harvest Works Performers Performing NYC 2016/ “Wake Up & Smell The Coffee'' Open Secret. Paris, France 2016/ Tribeca Film Institute Teaches “Power Of Words 2016”/ Composers Now NYC @Harvest Works NYC 2016/ Firehouse Space Brooklyn NY 2014 & 2015/ Unnameable Books Brooklyn, NY 2016/ Opiate Launch @ Bowery Poetry Club Reading NYC 2015 / Poets Live Paris, France 2015-2019/ Panoply Lab Brooklyn NY 2015/ B’AM Vancouver, Canada 2015/ On-Point Brussels, Belgium 2015/ KGB BAR MFA Reading NYC 2014-2016/ Loukoum Scandale Salon, Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey 2014/  Double Wei Factory Hong Kong, China 2014/ B’AM Paris, France 2014- 2016/ L.I.U. Dr. Parascandola Harlem Heroines Research Assistantship @ Schomburg Center for Research (NYC 2014-2016)/ Pine Box Nomadic Press Poetry Brooklyn, NY 2013 -2016/ Rush Arts Galleries "Dred Scott's POSTCODE CRIMINALS closing exhibition" NYC 2012/ Love Yourself Project NYC 2012/ Sharon R. Reaves Presents: “Amber Hymns Book Launch @Happy Time” NYC 2012/ Columbia University N.Y.C. Rwanda Relief Reading 2006/ Universidad de la Habana. Havana, Cuba 2001-2002.

ALBUMS: composer, rapper, poet, producer, vocalists, musician, arranger, keyboardists, sound designer/ cover artist.

The Nightmare - The Aware (Aware Music 2000)/ Fishin’ In Troubled Waters - Various Artists (Hip Hop Infinity Recordings 2001)/ Drapetomania - The Unseen (Hip Hop Infinity Recordings 2001)/ Illuminations - Currency (State Of The Art Entertainment  2002)/ Sanctified - Malik Ameer (Satori Ideas 2003)/ Royalty - Co-Deez (Hella Records 2004)/ "Enchantment leads to​.​.​.​" - Malik Ameer & The Madmen (Satori Ideas NYC 2005)/ “...Nothing Better To Do.” - Malik Ameer & The Madmen (Satori Ideas NYC 2006)/ The Roseline - The Madmen (Satori Ideas NYC 2007)/ The Impossebulls - Weapon Of Choice: Volume 1 - Various Artists (Def Beat Posse, Slam Jamz 2007)/ “​-​Turn your shadow into water​.​" - Malik Ameer & The Invisible Ancestors aka The Dream Beings (Satori Ideas NYC 2008)/ “Just because it’s a dream don’t make it a lie.” - Malik Ameer & The Dream Beings (Satori Ideas NYC 2009)/ “Dead mediums, you know the escape…” - Malik Ameer & The Dream Beings (Satori Ideas NYC 2010)/ Around You- Leron Thomas (NYC 2010)/ “home is where the house is” - Lorin Benedict & Malik Ameer (Edgetone Records 2011)/ AMBER HYMNS ((auditory experience))) - Malik Ameer Crumpler (Satori Ideas 2011)/ (​(​(​(​{​{​THAT OSIRIS EFFECT​}​}​}​)​)​) - Seven Divine & Malik Ameer (Satori Ideas Recordings 2012)/ ...Take It - Leron Thomas (2013) {Released on vinyl in 2014 by Belgium's On Point Records}/ Moment and the Message - Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense (Pi Recordings 2013) / 10,000 Hours - Weird HappYness (Brocolli Rob NYC 2014)/ Train -Khalil Anthony (Urban Folk Music 2013)/ "thatmanmonkz Reworks" - Khalil Anthony (Shadeleaf 2014)/ Role Play EP - Leron Thomas (Heavenly Sweetness 2015)/ Cliquish LP - Leron Thomas (Heavenly Sweetness 2015)/ (​(​(​(​(​(​(​Inevitable Mutations​)​)​)​)​)​)​) - Alex Deforce, Malik Ameer Crumpler, KREAUX (On-Point Records 2015)/ A Reading 4 Prince on April 21, 2016 - Malik Crumpler (Greetings Readings NYC 2016)/ Columbusing - Thatmanmonkz (Delusions of Grandeur 2016)/ Cloaks & Codes - Madison Washington (Yele Digital 2016)/ Every Lil' Bit (Madison Washington Refixture) - Zen the Sharpshooter (bbs001ep 2016)/ 120 Bpm Af - Leron Thomas (2017)/ Amerikkkan Poets - Malik Ameer Crumpler, Leron Thomas & Thatmanmonkz (Shadeleaf 2017)/ Code Switchin’ Ep - Madison Washington (Def Pressé 2017)/ Somebody Had To Make This Record - JTOTHEC ‎(Mayway Records 2018)/ The Pocket Watch - Pan Amsterdam (Def Pressé 2018)/ ((((FACTS))))) - Madison Washington (Def Pressé 2018)/ June Bug - Khalil Anthony + Champagne (Urban Folk Music 2018)/ Bbs013lp by 12 in 12: The Reworks - Zen The Sharpshooter (BBS 2018)/ Mobile / 15 Seconds - Pan Amsterdam & Iggy Pop (Def Pressé 2019)/ Elevator Music, Vol. 1 - Pan Amsterdam (Def Pressé 2019)/  Bbs016ep - Zen the Sharpshooter (BBS 2019)/ Plantation Earth - The Abolitionists (Def Pressé 2019)/ Manhattan Centre, Monday Night - Zen the Sharpshooter (bbs016lp 2019)/ You Got A Fiver? (vol. 1) Improvisation Freestyle Mixtape | Nord Suburban Genossenschaft - Malik Ameer (bbs017mix 2019)/ You Got A Fiver? (vol. 2) Improvisation Freestyle Mixtape | Nord Suburban Genossenschaft | - Malik Ameer (bbs018mix 2019)/ Black Beacon Sound with Benny Maths, Priminho & Malik Ameer Improvisations LIVE IN LIVERPOOL on (Melodic Distraction Radio December 2019)/ "Non Zero Sum Game" - Thatmanmonkz (SMLP01 2019)/ The Kolour Of Water - Zito Mowa (Stay True Sounds South Africa 2020)/ Scarab - Khalil Anthony (Black Beacon Sound 2020)/ "MONKZ EXOSEMIOTICS" SM 21 : MONKZ - Thatmanmonkz (Shadeleaf 2020)/ Ha Chu - Pan Amsterdam (Def Pressé 2020)/ More Elevator Music - Leron Thomas (Lewis Recordings 2020)/ Dreampop Dysphoria - ReVerse Bullets (ReVerse Bullets AV 2020)/ Vagrant Lovers “Temple” & “Dreamwaltzer” - Kirsty Allison & Gil DeRay (Cold Lips 2020)/ The Dead Can Rap - TheDeadCanRap (Def Pressé 2020)/ Black Beacon Sound TAKEOVER w/ Malik Ameer (Threads Radio SHEFFIELD - 18-Dec-2020)/  THOSE WHOMYNS - Those Whomyns (Belquer Music 2021)/ "don't change/ you're just the worst" - SHINKA (Shinka Music 2021)/ The Poets Ep. 11 - No Surrender ( The Poets T.V. NYC 2021)/ 10:11 El Fused by Lauriel Michele feat. Malik Ameer Crumpler (2022)

Publications & Prizes

Creative Nonfiction

Emergency Index vol. 6 (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2017)
STATE OF THE UNION (Mascot Books, 2017)
to kingdom come voices against political violence (Onslaught Press, 2016)
Not My President- THE ANTHOLOGY OF DISSENT | 2017 (Thoughtcrime Press, 2017)
Across the Margin
at large
, ,
The Cloak of Karasu: The Ant King (2016)


2021 Featured Poets Anthology (Moonstone Press, 2022)
Maintenant 14: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art (Three Rooms Press, 2020)
Maintenant 13: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art (Three Rooms Press, 2019)
VERSO / volume 5 "Mass" (Versal Editorial Group, 2019)
Maintenant 12: Dada Journal (Three Rooms Press, 2018)
Maintenant 11: Dada Journal (Three Rooms Press, 2017)
BROOKLYN PARAMOUNT (Long Island University Press, 2015)
Cipactli 2004 (San Francisco State University Press, 2004)
Journals: , , ,
Paris Lit Up
, ,
21st Century Underground Railroad Meeting in Paris, France (2018)

Spoken Word

"Richard Wrighting cuz The Rest Is Now" with The Reach @ The John F. Kennedy Center (2020)
Busboys & Poets features "The Rest Is Now a 2020 Black History D.C. Tour" (2020)
Paris Lit Up "A Dialogue In Haikus Avec Richard Wright" (2019)
"JACOBZ LADDR" Composers Now Festival @ Firehouse (2015)
(((((((Inevitable Mutations)))))))) Bonnefooi Brussels exhibition avec Alex Deforce (2015)
B'AM Paris avec Alex Deforce "Inevitable Mutations​​ Act II" (2015)
HarvestWorks (2015)
Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn NY (2015)
Poets Live, Paris (2015)
Firehouse Space "Little Everywhere Improvised Opera" (2014)
Spoken Word Paris (2014)
Rush Arts Gallery, NYC "POST CODE CRIMINALS Closing Performance" (2012)
Prizes won: 

Washington D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities Grant 2020 / Best Of Across The Margin 2018 ARTS, MUSIC, FILM & CULTURE for "Uncloaking Beneath The Underground" / In Real Life Cinema Awards NYC for "((1I)) Amber Hymns video poem" 2012 

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
Jetsün Milarépa, George Moses Horton, Ai Ogawa, Fredrick Douglass, John A. Williams, Octavia Butler, Tim Tingle, Gertrude Stein, Rudolfo Anaya, Alice B. Toklas, Jaron Lanier, Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, Bob Kaufman, Zora Neale Hurston, Jean Toomer, Jean Cocteau, Louis Zukofsky, Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Herman Hesse, Anna Akhmatova, W.E.B. Dubois, Toni Morrison, Jorge Luis Borges, Phyllis Wheatley, Richard Wright, Maryse Condé, Willie Dixon, Margaret Atwood, Yayoi, Yehuda Amichai, Bruce Lee, Sappho, Federico García Lorca, Terry McMillan, Chen Kaiguo, Hildegard Von Bingen, Zheng Shunchao, Homer, Miguel Piñero, Hafiz, Sly Stone, Kimarlee Nguyen, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Ikuma Arishima, Carl G. Jung, Lucille Clifton, Big Mamma Thorton, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Virginia Wolf, Phillip K. Dick, Marguerite Duras, Dick Gregory, André Breton, Moms Mabley, Paul Mooney, Richard Pryor, Nella Larson, Wallace Stevens, Julio Cortázar, Simone de Beauvoir, Lewis Warsh, Anaïs Nin, Duke Ellington, Anne Rice, Eduardo Galeano, Bjork, José Martí, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sun Ra, Jessie Redmon Fauset, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Nikki Giovanni, Charles Mingus, Alice Walker, Paulo Freire, Audre Lorde, Langston Hughes, Amy Garvey, Enheduanna, Ishmael Reed, Lucille Clifton, Muhammad Ali, The Last Poets, Anonymous & every ancient storyteller/ myth conjuror that ever scribed, to name a few.

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Gives readings: 
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Born in: 
Oakland, CA
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New York, NY
New York
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