Your Other Life

Poetry, like life, is about making decisions. Write a poem to the person you may have become had you made an important life decision differently. Remember, this version of you is also vulnerable to the whims of an indifferent universe, so you’re merely making an educated guess as to your doppelgänger’s outcome. Craft your poem with respect. You’re writing to you.



thanks for that...its very true....

Just a Chance

Just a Chance

A superficial glance

I go ignored

No one sees me

No one frees me

Feelings of insecurity

Flow over me

Just want to be me

Maybe I could shine

Just need to see

What powers lie in me?

Let me fit into life

The life that is within

Yearning to touch you

With fullness of wisdom

Abilities that can possibly

Change you, me, the world

If I only had the chance

The Marginalized

The Marginalized

Living on the margin,

All of my life,

Feeling the pressure,

From all sides,

Oppression that leads,

To depression,

Regression makes,

Me deal with reality,

 Hegemony, is everywhere,

Alimony brings on despair,

It seems to me,

That all is not fair,

 Is there anybody out there?

A forebear that cares,

I need someone to reach out,

And lift me out of this snare