This Is Just to Apologize





I know you’re there…

Somewhere out there,

My eyes, so used to the darkness around,

Can’t bear the light that shrouds you.


The luster of purity gets too much to handle,

Being the lesser mortal that I am…

Beside himself with joy at his serendipity,

Forgets to bow his head at times.


Wasn’t it you who elevated me to this state?

Granting me feathers which I deserved not…

Now that you seem distant,

These feathers deny supporting my weight

As I try to fly to where you perch.


I learn to bow my head once more,

And ask for nothing but some pity.

I plea for kindness from your heart,

For yours is the abode of compassion.


I bend my body with my hands together,

Entreating for some mercy...

For the river of grandeur that flows from you,

Hath in it a benevolent measure.


Wandering in this loneliness I brought unto myself,

I hear voices which come from a distance

Rebounding off marble walls in this darkness.

I realize they are my shrieks,

Which bear no news of you…


All I want now is for you to take me back,

Into those sunny fields of carefreeness,

The white gown, the white linen,

Of purity, of splendor…


I stop dead, in the middle of nowhere,

Bend my knees to the ground.

Lifting my hands above my head,

I wail for your healing touch…


Remorse takes the form of tears,

Which flow down incessantly…

A mortal couldn’t form a river,

Hence I collected them in my palms…

Epistolary poem - If It Be To My Way


If It Be To My Way

By Michael Kerry

©  Oct 2010  -


If it be as they say that we make our world

In what manner we may, that for every wish

Or each intent that we bring to bay,

If nothing more than for the bent of our perceptions

As so to shape our days to our own intentions,

And thus to what inventions of mind, heart, and soul

Would we fashion the course of our lives to our better ways


Then let it be that I should paint before your hope

What warm endearing hues for coming days would greet the heart

From morning’s light till dusk of day in subtle shades,

Its palette paid in peaceful dues, and so instill

To thoughts of us in days of future come such sweet comfort

That ere each morn t’would bring you to your waking

With peaceful smile upon your face and love in expectation


And let me pave as straight the ways where curled

And gnarled emotions lay so foul the path before your feet

That so would then impede your heart, its steps progressed

For naught but slip and stagger o’er the current mournful stress,

But smooth instead its passage e’er away from resentment’s rough road

That every step which you would take might bring you to desire of heart

And every new horizon met would lift it to contentment


I humbly ask this lady’s grace forgive the waves

Of tempest toss’d from past reflections futile borne

What sore remains of errors made might haunt these days

Or leave forlorn what kindly heart in gentle breast

Did bring to this my waiting soul its living resolution,

Its hopes and dreams lay waiting still, yet ever fresh

As yesterday, when joyous mirth in memory did fill its breath


What troubles lay before the heart, what clouded gray uncertainties

Bring sorrows swift upon the spirit of day’s thoughts returned,

What plight or quandary unresolved do dwell within at end of day

In time not only pass away, but so become compassion’s purse

Through loving ways of faith enduring, and tempered thus

The love remains; the hopes, the dreams, the every sweet desire of heart

Becomes fulfilled, its bounty full and realized in wings of lover’s soft embrace







ps. I love you..

If I died in my sleep

know that I loved you

it was an accident

you are the ones that kept me going

you are the reason I am alive

you are everything to me

One with a twinkle

the other with a smirk

I love you both as much

If I died in my sleep

know that i loved you

it was an accident

we started over nothing

tried our lives

without much guidance

Thought we knew it all

did it all

gave our all

and yet, the enemy won

If I died in my sleep

know that I loved you

it was an accident

I gave up everything for you

and wished for a dream

but a dream not mine to keep

a rebelious child indeed

God is fair and just

you belonged to Him

If I died in my sleep

know that I loved you

it was an accident

you came from nowhere

niether my cup of tea

you are the surprise

of my life

put a smile on my lips

if I could just hold you 

let you be mine

would it have a chance?

If I died in my sleep

it was an accident

p.s. I love you all

Forgive Me

Forgive me
For not loving you enough
To see that you were worth
more. For ever child I've sheltered
Every wrinkled hand I've held
Every tear I've wiped
Excluding you

Forgive me
For not standing up for you
For not seeing who you are
For not saving you from me

Forgive me
For wasting your time
For making you wait
For ignoring your gifts

Forgive me
For not loving you enough
I did not know how
Pardon me for ignoring your
voice. And, let me love you now

Forgive me