Strawberry Moon

Each month a full moon rises in the sky, and each of these moons has a special name. In June the full moon is known as the Full Strawberry Moon, a name given to it by the Algonquin tribes, to whom it signaled the time to gather the ripening fruit. In Europe, where the strawberry is not a native fruit, this moon is known as the Full Rose Moon. This week, try writing a short poem of rhyming couplets about this month's full moon. For inspiration, read Percy Bysshe Shelley's "The Waning Moon."



for you

The moon pales
where her breath sounds,
between this bed, the still night
and the country of her dreams.

And all creation it seems
(like a mother to her breasts)
has drawn the night around,
offering forever this warmth between.

But I am moved by another
more distant ground, into which
these scenes will soon dissipate
and rearrange, and like our love
no longer appear or be exchanged.

And where this sheet spreads
luminous over our limbs entwined,
a garden may grow, a yard, echo
with a child’s delight, or tree
in some distant generation, sway
beneath a vault of moonlight.


A Fullmoon Rose


    A Fullmoon Rose

  A lovely blush she does give

  upon the earth were we live.

  A rosey light she does share

  with all of those who at her


  To me she is the story teller

  of all the days gone by and if

  you ask her, she will tell of all

  the mystic's, poet's and dreamer's

  enchantment's in the pages of time.

  Full of poise and grace, she is

  also the keeper of a fruitfully

  full plate.