Remembering the August Ahead

Time is what we call the brutal miracle that makes us grow old. Certain months of time remind us of falling in love, burying a loved one, or moving into a new house. This week, as we say goodbye to July, reflect on what August has meant to your life. Begin your poem with your childhood. Then describe how August has changed you and your perception of the world.


Reflections of Eight

Every Eighth month is Hot

Sticky for a time

Bubble gum and broken fire hydrants

Cooling Moments

Happy Hot Sticky Climates

Longing for the promise of a cooler ninth month

Not as sticky 

Not as Icky but they can be lumped

So lets fast forward to 10 

When the Fall begins

I must admit I long now for eight

For seven wasn't that great

Seven was filled with heatbreak


A Half Disclosure Mistake

I now long for Eight

I will reflect on it and although sticky

Declare to make it better

Wiser than seven

Reflections of Eight..