Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

Here Follows an Account of the Nature of Fish." Where's the Moon, There's the Moon (Knopf, February 2010) by Dan Chiasson. Fourth book, third poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Deborah Garrison. Publicist: Lena Little.

"This is where the music begins." The American Girl (Other Press, February 2010) by Monika Fagerholm. Third book, novel. Translator: Katarina E. Tucker. Agent: Szilvia Molnar. Editor Corinna Barsan. Publicist: Suzanne Williams.

"Ply one expedient human from the storm / from the precinct arithmetic of a rental body." To Light Out (Ugly Duckling Presse, February 2010) by Karen Weiser. First book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Anna Moschovakis. Publicist: James Copeland.

"Jacob stood in the barn mouth and watched Edna leave the henhouse." Burning Bright (Ecco, March 2010) by Ron Rash. Eleventh book, fourth story collection. Agent: Marly Rusoff. Editor: Lee Boudreaux. Publicist: Michael McKenzie.

"Bernice was ten when her mother walked around the block naked." Hot Springs (Tin House Books, February 2010) by Geoffrey Becker. Fourth book, second novel. Agent: Ellen Levine. Editor: Meg Storey. Publicist: Deborah Jayne.

"Every artistic movement from the beginning of time is an attempt to figure out a way to smuggle more of what the artist thinks is reality into the work of art." Reality Hunger (Knopf, February 2010) by David Shields. Tenth book, second essay collection. Agent: Henry Dunow. Editor: Ann Close. Publicist: Kathy Zuckerman.

"Mundane things, pitiful in their mundane assertiveness, their sad isolation." The Abyss of Human Illusion (Coffee House Press, February 2010) by Gilbert Sorrentino. Twenty-eighth book, seventeenth novel. Agents: Mel Berger and William Morris. Editor: Chris Fischbach. Publicist: Esther Porter.

"The preacher came up the dusty road followed by the girl pulling the wagon stacked with bibles." Lamb Bright Saviors (University of Nebraska Press, March 2010) by Robert Vivian. Third book, second novel. Agent: None. Editor: Kristen Elias Rowley. Publicist: Rusty Shelton.

"The mother told the boys that she was much unappreciated in this house." Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives (Norton, March 2010) by Brad Watson. Third book, second story collection. Agent: Peter Steinberg. Editor: Alane Mason. Publicist: Rebecca Carlisle.

"Night comes, / icky baby, / born under the four coins- / on our reed raft, / even the good storm / moves off." A Little Middle of the Night (University of Iowa Press, March 2010) by Molly Brodak. First book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Holly Carver. Publicist: Allison Thomas Means.

"When my father died, I was at home in Brooklyn, but only days before I had been sitting beside his bed in a nursing home in Northfield, Minnesota." The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves (Henry Holt, March 2010) by Siri Hustvedt. Seventh book, first memoir. Agent: Amada Urban. Editor: Frances Coady. Publicist: James Meader.

"Nothing ends." Morning Haiku (Beacon Press, February 2010) by Sonia Sanchez. Twelfth book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Helene Atwan. Publicist: Reshma Melwani.