To Light Out by Karen Weiser

Ply One Expedient Human

Ply one expedient human from the storm
from the precinct arithmetic of a rental body
it's a dowry unthinking as a
cloud's exertion at flight
an exchange enough to ask opinion of it
Vivid with cloistered life, the light shining
into your mouth reveals eyes peering back:
the creature stands
inside you
its remote futurity handsome and budding
within the accident of your amplitude
No man's egg-cup holds the same yesterday
it is possible to think
when you yourself are the egg-cup
putting both constitutions together one
smoke signal at a time. Put on
this arterial robe and wake
fashioning your own plentitude
like Romulus sending a present
to the Romans after his death
Neither is that
state equivalent to the growing of a new compass
inside, nor gathering its foreign and familiar landscape
horizon by horizon
but as if eating space and time turn you into being
these experiences, simultaneously
sedentary as incrementalized doubt
and monstrous in largesse
Cool, above all, gradually, so the commencing
of reality is its loss
delicate in manufacture
glorious windfall and re-export
at some pains to light up and appear

"Ply One Expedient Human" from To Light Out by Karen Weiser. Copyright 2010 © by Karen Weiser. Reprinted with permission of Ugly Duckling Presse.