November 28

Write a poem to or about a person close to you using any of the senses except sight.


My wife

"Needing You"

-Magnify my melancholy,
nonchalantly treading care,
to protect my soul
and all that's whole,
crippling vigor for this wearer.

-Perfumed day lilies address my mercy;
her lips imploring mindful passion.
All hearts afire pounding
in a rhythm set fashion.!

-Why does she play softly in song
strumming my heartstrings with
....wanted whispers?
This fantasy;
…this remedy,
blueprinting my fondness unassisted.!

-Tending to such diversion
has failed to ring her ear.
Who will she let possess the key,
the beautiful child of Earth,
...I have endeared?

-Fate has dealt it's joker's wild
in turncoat of winter's chill.
Wrought with compassion, apprehending;
…where in the void will she fill?

-A tear has stained my naked cheek;
two mirrors reflecting disrepair.
Will it take but one lifetime
..... to clinch a hug
..... and dress down any stares?

-Try to see you are young at heart
though birthdays, through time
run by your side.
Show off that smile friends and family all the while,
...and remain that cutey pie.!

-Mark Lacharite-