Maggie Jochild

Austin, TX 78704-6504

Author's Bio

Maggie Jochild writes narrative poetry about the effects of having lived in 36 different places so far, of being raised in a post-war godhelpus traditional nuke fam enduring haphazard poverty, of coming out to herself as a lesbian and a poet at age nine during the summer of 1965, of joining the Revolution during the 70's, and deciding to never again suffer fools gladly during the Reagan administration. She writes about loving women without restraint, about choosing to be an unreconstructed feminist, about traveling the roads of race and class traitorhood, about being the first generation to name and stand up against child abuse, about mothering, godmothering and grandmothering, about a failing body and a ferocious spirit. She writes with the unshackled, unhurried speech of her people, Southern dirtfarmer bookish renegades since 1609. She writes with faith and humor the kinds of truth that you have wanted to hear but weren't sure you could bear.

Publications and Prizes

Affirming Flame
(Evelyn St. Press, 2002)
, Di-Verse-City
(Austin International Poetry Foundation, 2004)
, Di-Verse-City
(Austin International Poetry Foundation, 2003)
, Di-Verse-City
(Austin International Poetry Foundation, 2002)
, Di-Verse-City
(Austin International Poetry Foundation, 2001)
, Di-Verse-City
(Austin International Poetry Foundation, 2000)
, Di-Verse-City
(Austin International Poetry Foundation, 2005)
, Heal
(Clique Calm, 2005)
, My Body of Knowledge Anthology
(My Body of Knowledge, 2004)
, Soulspeak
(Sarasota Poetry Theater Press, 1999)
, Texas Poetry Calendar
(Flying Cow Productions, 2000)
, Texas Poetry Calendar 2006
(Dos Gatos Press, 2006)
Albatross, America Review, Asphodel, Borderlands, Bridges, Common Lives, Earth's Daughters, Lalitamba, Malachite & Agate, Natural Bridge, PMS: poemmemoirstory, Poetry Motel, Poetry Now, Rockhurst Review, Sinister Wisdom
Prizes Won: 
2005 Loving Lesbians Poetry Award from the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund; 2002 Loving Lesbians Poetry Award from the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund

More Information

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Feminist, Scotch-Irish American
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Born in: 
Rockport, United States
Raised in: 
TX, United States
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