Writing poetry is an act of empowerment. Sit quietly at your desk. Think about what you’re most insecure about in life: being a good parent, making enough money, not being able to love fully. Write a poem about how you plan to overcome that insecurity.



We all have insecurities, that is what makes us human beings. Raised in a society where we compare ourselves to eachother. Appraisers to one another. If we could learn to love eachother our entire world could change. Rid fear from our brain and add positivity to our mind frame. Fear is my struggle and fight. At times it seems I am afraid of the light. I cover my own eyes and hinder my sight. I stay awake at night pondering on the strife I put myself through. I know I am not the only one, there are others who do it too. Some are stuck on material, convinced it will heal their soul. In attempt to mend the void they incur all types of debt. Debts they will regret once they move onto the next phase of this ride. We must fill the void inside. Gods light will provide. I am telling you once and telling myself twice. Gods light will provide. Learn to trust in creation. There are no limitations. You are the primary factor to the equation. Each individual has the power to shed light upon insecurities and change the idea of what makes us human beings.