The Art of Asking


"Human beings have such a hard time asking for help." In her debut book, published by Grand Central Publishing this week, Amanda Palmer explores the complicated feelings involved in seeking help from others. Included are personal stories about her marriage to author Neil Gaiman and her struggles as an artist and musician.

How to Fly a Horse


"Creating is not magic, but work. And anyone can create. Necessity is not the mother of invention. You are." In this forthcoming book from Doubleday, debut author Kevin Ashton explores humanity's greatest creations, and the seemingly unremarkable individuals, gradual steps, multiple failures, and ordinary acts behind them.

Where To?


"I've met very few cabdrivers who set out to be cabdrivers." Where To? A Hack Memoir by Dmitry Samarov includes illustrations by the author capturing his encounters with fellow cabdrivers, drunken passengers, and potholes. Samarov's book was published this month by Curbside Splendor, a Chicago-based indie press that was featured in a previous installment of Small Press Points.


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