National Endowment for the Arts

Translation Fellowships

January 12, 2022 - Check back on October 15th for Upcoming Deadline
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Grants of up to $25,000 each are given annually to translators of poetry and prose from any language into English. Applicants must have published, alone or in collaboration, at least 20 pages of literary translation in digital or print publications or at least one book or other volume of translation of at least 20 pages between January 1, 2007, and January 12, 2022. Using only the online submission system, submit 10 to 15 pages of translation and the original work, a project description, a résumé, a résumé for the original author, a justification of retranslation (if applicable), and a list of published translations into English with proof of eligibility by January 12, 2022. There is no entry fee. Visit the website for the required entry form and complete guidelines.

National Endowment for the Arts, Translation Fellowships, 400 7th Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20506. 

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