Eastern Structures

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Steffen Horstmann, Denver Butson, William Dennis, John Philip Drury, Eric Torgersen, Norma Jenckes, R. W. Watkins, Mindy Watson, L. J. McDowall, Tamara K. Walker, Chi Holder, Priscilla Lignori, James Lignori, Clark Strand, Mark Redfearn, Michael Lustbader, Nancy Rullo, Jim Wilson, Pat Geyer, Ann Hills, Lance Nizami, Gareth Writer-Davies, Steve Denehan, Edward Baranosky, Christopher Mooney-Singh, Don Ammons, Mace Hosseini, John Baglow, R. K. Singh, Danielle Woerner, David Raphael Israel, Shelli Jankowski-Smith, Joshua St, Claire, Alex Lubman, Marla Carew, Reid Hepworth, and many others.
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Jan 1 to Dec 31
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Less than 3 months
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Number of Debut Authors per Issue: 
3 to 5
Contributor copies only
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$5.99 to $6.50
1,000 to 2,500

Editorial Focus

Eastern Structures picks up where Contemporary Ghazals left off, publishing English-language examples of the Middle Eastern form, but now also Korean sijo and Japanese forms such as haiku and tanka—rendered exclusively in the 5-7-5 and 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic structures.

Tips From the Editor

We would advise that potential contributors make themselves familiar with the style and protocols of Eastern Structures before submitting. The best way to familiarise oneself with the magazine, of course, is by purchasing and reading an issue. Issues 1 through 22 and The Complete Eastern Structures Volumes One and Two omnibuses are readily available on Amazon.

Contact Information

R. W. Watkins, Editor
P. O. Box 111
Moreton's Harbour
A0G 3H0
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