James K Beach

Fiction Writer

New York, NY 10036

Author's Bio

JAMES BEACH opted to overindulge in poetry and lit before discovering that bohemian professions are a bit more challenging and dangerous than they appear... But anyway. Taking risks is a risk, as anyone knows. Since 2002, he's used his Bachelor's in Writing to amass 150+ journalism bylines in 20 venues, manage as editor at AWAREing Press, and do related tasks in publishing. Currently he's working various temp jobs in the USA, looking at graduate schools, and considering the significance of mating young. CREATIVE WRITING CREDITS: Antique Children Journal, Blue Monday Review, Danse Macabre Online, The Exhibit Literary, Paraphilia Magazine, Smokebox Commentary, Warhol Stars UK, his own defunct Wood Coin Magazine, and others. As a solo artist, his work remains inscrutible to some.

Publications & Prizes

Antique Children
Counterexample Poetics
Danse Macabre
Jivin Ladybug
, ,
Medulla Review
Prizes won: 

TOP-23 MENTION: "Shaking the Tree by its Roots" at the Guthrie Theatre's Call for Dramatist's Manifestos (judged by Tony Kushner, 2003). ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: "The Intelligence of Moving Bodies" (a Feldenkrais-based philosophy by Carl Ginsburg PhD, AWAREing Press 2010); "Gargoyle #54" - Slings & Arrows (Richard Peabody, publisher); University of Pennsylvania catalog mention (per mention of Carol Berge as her last editor due to her 1964 Vancouver Report for sale) in 2018.

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
S. Anderson, Asimov, Atwood, Burgess, Burroughs, Camus, Coetzee, Coupland, Cruz Smith, Eco, Fielding, Franzen, Gibson, Greene, Hardy, Hawthorne, Hesse, Huxley, James, Joyce, Juvenal, Kafka, Kerouac, S. Lewis, Mailer, Mann, A. Miller, H. Miller, T. Morrison, Nin, Plato, Poe, Roth, Twain, Updike, Vonnegut Jr, Walker, Whitman...

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Adults, At Risk Youth, Children, Naturalists/Environmentalists, Seniors, Teachers, Teenagers
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