Alexej Savreux


Kansas City, MO
Missouri US

Author's Bio

Alexej Savreux is a poet, satirist, and journalist best known for his critically acclaimed book of poetry, Graffiti on the Window (2014), which received attention from NPR and The Midwest Book Review, among others. Savreux is also known for his subsequent poetic follow-ups, Eat Me & Other Short Poems (2015), and the satirical and experimental Asoak in the Knight's Moat (2016). Born in Burlington, Vermont, on February 8, 1989, Savreux has lived in South Burlington, Vermont; Annapolis, Maryland; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Boulder, Colorado; Kansas City, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri, as well as in New York. Savreux, a two-time high school dropout and one-time expellee, spent most of his adolescent years as an at-risk youth. He graduated from Step Up Community Learning Center in Olathe, Kansas, in 2009. Savreux studied linguistics at the University of Kansas as an undergraduate but dropped out after a semester. Savreux was later accepted into the University of Kansas' linguistics graduate program. Savreux is primarily of Czech, Austrian, and Azerbaijani descent on his mother's side and Hungarian and Serbian descent on his father's side. His godparents are French-Canadian. Savreux has published sporadically throughout his literary career and has written two feature-length screenplays, a stage play, a satirical radio play (The Symmetry of Schizophrenia and the Anti-Symmetry of Schizophrenic Life) (2014–2016), authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed articles, as well as two satirical pulp novels. Savreux has been professionally active in the arts since 2002, and his practice also extends to multimedia and studio arts, filmmaking, critical dialogue, and editing work. As of 2022, Savreux is in negotiations for several new books with various presses and publishers.

Publications & Prizes

My Unheard September (Wingless Dreamer, 2022)
Shakespeare of Today (Wingless Dreamer, 2021)
Magic of Motivational Poetry & Quotes (Wingless Dreamer, 2020)
Sunkissed (Wingless Dreamer, 2020)
The Ballad of Lady Vigilance (Spartan Press, 2022)
Blue Coffee (Bottlecap Press, 2024)
Cathexis Northwest Press
Mind's Eye
Number One
Writer's Digest
Prizes won: 

2022 - NEA Centerpieces For Social Justice Special Project Award Recipient - NEA Grant - Special Project Award - Literature & Humanities Designation 

2021 - Shakespeare Poetry Prize - Honorable Mention 

2021 - Kansas City Fringe Festival Audience Choice Awards - Best Spoken Word Film - Joy of Life/Ok, it's Ok, it'll be Ok

2020 - The Pitch's Like, Totally, KC Best of Kansas City - Best Local Poet/Spoken Word Artist - Top 3 Finalist 

2018 - National Red City Review Literary Contest Finalist - Poetry Category - the arithmetic of the <3 

2018 - Artist's Certificate, Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, City of Boston, MA - Literature and Media Arts 

2016 - 2016 Writer's Digest International Poetry Awards - Top 10 Winner

2015 - National Red City Review Literary Contest Finalist - Poetry Category - Graffiti on the Window

Personal Favorites

Favorite authors: 
Douglas Adams, R.D. Laing, Ezra Pound, Lao Tzu, Kurt Vonnegut, Herman Melville, Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot, Mark Twain, Karl Marx, Lord Byron, Voltaire, Benjamin Lee Whorf, Langston Hughes, Michel Foucault, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Euclid, Albert Camus, Gustav Hasford, Pythagoras, Thomas Paine, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Bram Stoker, Lenny Bruce, Shakyamuni Buddha, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson, Lester Bangs, Thich Nhat Hanh, Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal, Yann Martel, Cornel West, Nathanial Philbrick, e.e. cummings, Saul Williams, Trent Reznor, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, David Mamet, Sam Shepard, Antonin Artaud, William Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, Irvine Welsh, Juvenal, Thomas Szasz, Steve Albini, Bertrand Russell, Gabor Mate
What I'm reading now: 
A Modern Man: The Best of George Carlin by George Carlin, In The Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch, How To Talk Dirty and Influence People by Lenny Bruce , Candide by Voltaire, Life by Keith Richards

More Information

Gives readings: 
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Prefers to work with: 
Adults, Any, Teachers
Born in: 
Burlington, VT
Raised in: 
Colorado Springs, CO
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