The Written Image: LOADING

Visual artist Jonathan Allen and poet Anselm Berrigan, both of New York City, have collaborated to create LOADING, an exhibition combining poetry and visual art that will run at the Lu Magnus Gallery in Manhattan from September 8 through October 16. The project features paintings, mixed-media works on paper, and a series of animations by Allen, each inspired by and featured alongside a poem written by Berrigan, including the collage piece The etcetera zone, pictured below. (The titles of the pieces are also taken from Berrigan’s poems.)

Independent literary and art-book publisher Brooklyn Arts Press (, which published Allen’s most recent collection of paintings and collage, Superstructure, in 2010, will release an eponymous book of the LOADING collaboration, featuring Berrigan’s poems and reproductions of Allen’s artwork, this month. Berrigan, whose most recent collection, Sure Shot, was published by Overpass Books in June, will give a reading of his poems at Lu Magnus on September 21 as part of a book-launch event. For more information visit