Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Surazeus is the nom de plume of Simon Seamount, a cartographer living in Georgia. Descended 13 generations from Anne Bradstreet, the Puritan Poet from Northampton, England, Simon was born in Oregon in 1964, grew up in Texas in the 1970s, and lived in Seattle in the 1980s. Simon earned a BA in Liberal Arts in 1988 at Washington State University, for which he wrote a thesis on epic narrative poetry. After hitchhiking across the United States in the 1990s, playing oral narrative songs on his guitar, Simon worked as a web designer in Michigan in the 2000s, then earned his MS in Geographic Information Science in 2008 at Michigan State University. Simon has worked as a cartographer in Georgia since 2010. Beginning on 16 July 2011, Surazeus has been writing an epic poem called Hermead about the lives and ideas of philosophers and scientists. As of May 2018, the Hermead is 126,444 lines of blank verse covering the lives of 26 Greek philosophers. Book page: Hermead Editions: Purchase from independent publisher: Purchase on Amazon: Purchase on Barnes and Noble:

Publications and Prizes

Sunrise From Blue Thunder
(Lulu Press, 2011)
RipRap Journal, The Offbeat, Screech Owl, Ygdrasil

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Baltic American
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Keene, TX
Scientists researching nature and man, / sing, Muse Kalliope, about arcane progress / of inventive magicians, wizards, druids, / philosophers, alchemists, and physicists, / bright curious people who study our world / and organize knowledge in holy books / to record wisdom gleaned by supple minds / as they experiment on sacred quest / to discover truth and invent better ways / we perform tasks to rule civilization / that programs actions of each crafting hand. / While Homeros once sang of manic rage / and versatile wiles, Hesiodos of gods, / Valmiki of loyal love, Vyasa of conflict, / Lucretius of atoms, Vergilius of arms, / Ovidius of bodies transforming shapes, / Ferdowsi of wisdom and civilization, / Dante of punishment and search for faith, / Chaucer of lust and fierce desire to live, / Ariosto of chaos, Tasso of order, / Camoens of discovery, Spenser of virtues, / Shakespeare of outrage at horror of death, / and Milton of paradise lost and found, / I, Surazeus, inspired by Muses sing / of philosophy, science, and inventions / when curious men and women observe nature / and seek to comprehend physical laws / that govern vital scheme of evolution / transforming matter of swirling universe / in galaxies, stars, planets, and conscious life. / Why are heroes in ancient tales poets sing / warriors who fight and kill in brutal wars, / biggest, strongest, meanest, and wiliest men / who wield weapons of death, and crown themselves / god-kings, then claim divine right to rule lands?
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