Professional Advice From Lincoln Michel, the Work of Survival, and More

by Staff

Every day Poets & Writers Magazine scans the headlines—publishing reports, literary dispatches, academic announcements, and more—for all the news that creative writers need to know. Here are today’s stories.

“I wish I’d gotten more of a professional education, from banal things like freelance taxes to general advice like how willing you have to be to promote your own work.” Lincoln Michel shares miscellaneous professional advice for writers, including insights on how to network, build a platform, and file taxes. (Counter Craft/Substack)

“Maybe you’ve spent some time trying every day not to die, out on your own somewhere. Maybe that effort has become your work in life.” Donald Antrim, the author of One Friday in April: A Memoir of Suicide and Survival, writes about his stay on a psychiatric ward and his experience undergoing electroconvulsive therapy. (New Yorker)

“I had learned to fold myself small, rarely letting my mind roam, fearful I would take up too much space. Regular bullet journaling guided me back to myself, reminded me that my love is vibrant and expansive.” Ravynn K. Stringfield shares how keeping a detailed bullet journal has helped her endure life’s vicissitudes and still pursue her creative dreams. (Don’t Write Alone)

“I made a big mistake. I thought the revolution was representing all Egyptians, but we were the minority and, at some point, people turned against us. This novel is a way to understand what happened.” Alaa Al Aswany discusses revisiting the Egyptian revolution of 2011 in his latest novel, The Republic of False Truths. (Los Angeles Times)

Tom Beer of Kirkus compares how three towering literary figures—Jennifer Egan, Viet Thanh Nguyen, and Elizabeth Strout—have extended the lives of their characters across multiple books.

“I hope my story can help dismantle the trope of Asian Americans as a model minority or the ‘good’ immigrant. Our stories are a lot more complex than that.” Anna Qu shares her aspirations for her memoir, Made in China. (BOMB)

The Millions spotlights four novels that are landing in bookstores this week: Edge Case by YZ Chin, The Shimmering State by Meredith Westgate, Ramadan Ramsey by Louis Edwards, and The Human Zoo by Sabina Murray.

Melissa Baron has created a literary travel guide for a road trip on I-70, which extends from Maryland to Utah. Recommendations include bookstores, libraries, and literary landmarks. (Book Riot)