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Millbrae, CA 94030-0236

Author's Bio

Paul Fericano is the co-founder of the first parody news syndicate, Yossarian Universal News Service (1980) and the director of SafeNet, an advocacy group that assists survivors of clergy sexual abuse. His poetry and satires have appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Quarterly, Second Coming, Poetry Now, The Realist, Free Lunch, Outlaw Poetry, The Wormwood Review, Punch (London), Charlie Hebdo (Paris), and Krokodil (Moscow). He is the author of several poetry books and chapbooks, including Things That Go Trump in the Night: Poems of Treason and Resistance, The Hollywood Catechism, Commercial Break, Driving to Reno with Freud, and Loading the Revolver With Real Bullets. He is also the co-author (with Elio Ligi) of the political satire, The One Minute President. In 1982 his poem, Sinatra, Sinatra, was awarded the infamous Howitzer Prize and then dutifully exposed by the author as a literary hoax. Paul is the editor of The Broadsider and author of A Room With A Pew, a regular blog/column on clergy sexual abuse and the healing process. He currently resides on the San Francisco peninsula.

Publications and Prizes

Commercial Break
(Poor Souls Press, 1982)
, Loading The Revolver With Real Bullets
(Second Coming Press, 1977)
, The Hollywood Catechism
(Silver Birch Press, 2015)
, The One-Minute President (with Elio Ligi)
(Poor Souls Press, 1987)
, Things That Go Trump in the Night: Poems of Treason and Resistance
(Poems-For-All, 2019)
19 + 1: An Anthology of San Francisco Poetry
(Second Coming Press, 1978)
, A Bird Black as the Sun: California Poets on Crows and Ravens
(Green Poet Press, 2011)
, A Ritual To Read Together: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford
(Woodley Press, 2013)
, A Storied Singer: Frank Sinatra as Literary Conceit
(Greenwood Press, 2002)
, Bukowski: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose
(Silver Birch Press, 2013)
, But Buddy I’m a Kind of Poem: A Sinatra Anthology
(Entasis Press, 2008)
, California Bicentennial Poets Anthology
(Second Coming Press, 1976)
, Contemporary American Poetry
(Rowman & Littlefield, 1985)
, Italo-american Poets, a Bilingual Anthology
(Carello Editore, 1985)
, Nancy Drew Anthology
(Silver Birch Press, 2016)
, Stoogism Anthology
(Scarecrow Books, 1977)
, Swallow Dance: A Collection of Poetry Chapbooks
(Silver Birch Press, 2014)
, The Comic Spirit
(Genre: A Thematic Journal Published by the Students of the Dept. of Comparative Literature , 1983)
, The Starving Poets' Cookbook
(Free Lunch Arts Alliance, 1994)
2 Bridges Review, ASKeW, Attention Please, Aura Literary Arts Review, Berkeley Barb, Bogg, Charley Judd, Circus Maximus, Cream City Review, Four By Two, Free Lunch, Gallimaufry, Green Fuse, Greenfield Review, Guardian, Hard Pressed, Heavy Bear , Hollow Springs Review, Hyperion, Image, Impact, In a Nutshell, Jean's Journal, Kaleidoscope, Krokodil, Medusa's Kitchen, Mickle Street Review, MiPOesias, Mother Jones, The New York Quarterly, Nicaraguan Perspectives, Northern Pleasure, Open Wide Magazine, Pinchpenny, Planet Detroit, Poema Convidado, Poet, Projector, Punch, Quilt, Quintessence, Quixote Quarterly, riverSedge, Sage Trail, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, Second Coming, Small Press Review, Solo Novo, Southshore, Star West, Stone Country, Café Review, The New Magazine, The Realist, The Smudge, Twigs, Vagabond, Velvet Wings, Village Idiot, Washout Review, Westerly, Whetstone, Wind, Wine Rings, Wormwood Review, Xanadu, Yellow Brick Road, Zahir, Zone
A.D. Winans: A Brief and Casual History
(Poor Souls Press, 2012)
, Cancer Quiz
(Scarecrow Books, 1977)
, Driving to Reno with Freud
(Malfunction Press, 1978)
, Interview with the Scalia
(Peace & Pieces Press, 1995)
, It's Not Enough of Elvis
(Poor Souls Press, 2009)
, Sinatra, Sinatra
(Poor Souls Press, 1982)
, The Three Stooges at a Hollywood Party
(24th Street Irregular Press, 2011)
Prizes Won: 
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Fiction Award (1969); The Hibiscus Press Poetry Prize (1976); The Howitzer Prize for Poetry (1982); The Prix de Voltaire (Paris, 1983); The Ambrose Bierce Prize (1983); The Santa Barbara Summer Poetry Workshop Competition (2008); C.J. Bryant Award for Excellence in Poetry, Great Britain (2014); A Mark Fischer Poetry Prize (2015) for "Howl of Lon Chaney, Jr."

Personal Favorites

What I'm Reading Now: 
After the Fall: New and Selected Poems by Edward Field
Particles: New and Selected Poems by Dan Gerber
Groucho : The Life and Times of Julius Henry Marx by Stefan Kanfer
One Hand Jerking: Reports From an Investigative Satirist by Paul Krassner
Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free by Charles P. Pierce

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Fiction Writer, Poet
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San Francisco
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San Francisco, CA
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