Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

“We begin with the trouble, but where does the trouble begin?” Praying Drunk (Sarabande Books, February 2014) by Kyle Minor. Second book, story collection. Agent: Katherine Fausset. Editor: Kirby Gann. Publicist: Kristen Radtke.
“I called my steer Bubbles.” Harvest: Field Notes From a Far-Flung Pursuit of Real Food (Norton, March 2014) by Max Watman. Third book, first memoir. Agent: Peter McGuigan. Editor: Amy Cherry. Publicist: Jessica Purcell.

“Nobody ever warned me about mirrors, so for many years I was fond of them, and believed them to be trustworthy.” Boy, Snow, Bird (Riverhead Books, March 2014) by Helen Oyeyemi. Fifth book, novel. Agent: Jin Auh. Editor: Megan Lynch. Publicist: Jynne Martin.

“Late summer 2005 and everything’s underwater.” The Great Floodgates of the Wonderworld (Graywolf Press, February 2014) by Justin Hocking. Twelfth book, first memoir. Agent: Matt McGowan. Editor: Steve Woodward. Publicist: Marisa Atkinson.

“Because of the hurricane on the coast, the sitter was two hours late to the McCamey house that Saturday morning.” Acts of God (Algonquin Books, April 2014) by Ellen Gilchrist. Twenty-third book, eleventh story collection. Agent: Susan Ramer. Editor: Chuck Adams. Publicist: Kelly Bowen.
“Aloysius Hudon Beaulieu created marvelous blue ravens that stormy summer.” Blue Ravens (Wesleyan University Press, February 2014) by Gerald Vizenor. Fortieth book, twelfth novel. Agent: None. Editor: Suzanna Tamminen. Publicist: Stephanie Elliott.
“No darkness steps out of the woods, / no angel appears.” Caribou (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, March 2014) by Charles Wright. Twenty-fourth book, twentieth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jonathan Galassi. Publicist: Abby Koski.

“I have a photograph in front of me from the winter of 1993: a dilapidated barn stands on a snow-covered field, the blue and faint orange of the afternoon sky reflected in the snow.” Everything Is Wonderful: Memories of a Collective Farm in Estonia (Grove Press, March 2014) by Sigrid Rausing. Second book, first memoir. Agent: Derek Johns. Editor: Peter Blackstock. Publicist: John Mark Boling.

“Work, / as cultural expression, / day as unit of, / distinction between, and hobby,” Labor (Nightboat Books, March 2014) by Jill Magi. Fifth book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Stephen Motika. Publicist: Stephen Motika.
“The moment Rassoul lifts the axe to bring it down on the old woman’s head, the thought of Crime and Punishment flashes into his mind.” A Curse on Dostoevsky (Other Press, March 2014) by Atiq Rahimi. Fourth book, novel. Agent: Vibeke Madsen. Editor: Judith Gurewich. Publicist: Bobby Wicks.
“Ira had been divorced six months and still couldn’t get his wedding ring off.” Bark (Knopf, February 2014) by Lorrie Moore. Seventh book, fourth story collection. Agent: Melanie Jackson. Editor: Victoria Wilson. Publicist: Kathy Zuckerman.
“it’s given.” Cadaver, Speak (Copper Canyon Press, February 2014) by Marianne Boruch. Twelfth book, eighth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Michael Wiegers. Publicist: Kelly Forsythe.
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