Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

From the July/August 2012 issue of
Poets & Writers Magazine

So the important thing to know from the start is that she was miserable.” Signs and Wonders (Vintage Books, June 2012) by Alix Ohlin. Fourth book, second story collection. Agent: Amy Williams. Editor: Gary Fisketjon. Publicist: Kate Runde.

“In the beginning was this surface.” The Ground (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, June 2012) by Rowan Ricardo Phillips. Second book, first poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jonathan Galassi. Publicist: Gregory Wazowicz.

“We were having brunch together.” How Should a Person Be? (Holt, June 2012) by Sheila Heti. Fourth book, second novel. Agent: Jim Rutman. Editor: Sarah Bowlin. Publicist: Alexandra Woodworth.

“Every few weeks my mother rearranges the family pictures around the house.” Burying the Typewriter (Graywolf Press, July 2012) by Carmen Bugan. Second book, first memoir. Agent: Deborah Rogers. Editor: Fiona McCrae. Publicist: Erin Kottke.

“‘Here,’ she says, ‘I’ll get you a sweater.’” The World Without You (Pantheon Books, June 2012) by Joshua Henkin. Third book, novel. Agent: Lisa Bankoff. Editor: Lexy Bloom. Publicist: Erica Hinsley.

“Is it ok to live inside this percussion grenade / giving the highsign to the frogmen sucking mud / the allclear to the women rolling their hair into Forties processionals?” Percussion Grenade (Fence Books, June 2012) by Joyelle McSweeney. Sixth book, third poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Rebecca Wolff. Publicist: None.

“Standing by a pond.” The Obituary (Nightboat Books, June 2012) by Gail Scott. Sixth book, fourth novel. Agent: None. Editor: Stephen Motika. Publicist: Stephen Motika.

“Uncle Gianni met the girl at Nice airport.” Gun Dealers’ Daughter (Norton, July 2012) by Gina Apostol. Third book, novel. Agent: Kirby Kim. Editor: Denise Scarfi. Publicist: Rachel Salzman.

“The dance moved in circles, with airplanes: / some golden, / some silver.” Wheel With a Single Spoke (Archipelago Books, June 2012) by Nichita Sta˘ nescu (1933–1983). Sixth book, poetry collection. Translator: Sean Cotter. Agent: None. Editor: Jill Schoolman. Publicist: Florence Lui.

“They lived, when he was growing up, in a simple house, an old bungalow with a converted attic and sides covered in cedar shake.” Windeye (Coffee House Press, June 2012) by Brian Evenson. Tenth book, sixth story collection. Agent: Matt McGowan. Editor: Anitra Budd. Publicist: Tricia O’Reilly.

“Cooling towers and sewage farms.” The Red House (Doubleday, June 2012) by Mark Haddon. Fourth book, third novel. Agent: Clare Alexander. Editors: Dan Franklin and Bill Thomas. Publicist: Alison Rich.

“Would I be able to stand / a horse charging past?” Having Been an Accomplice (Persea Books, June 2012) by Laura Cronk. First book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Gabriel Fried. Publicist: Gabriel Fried.

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