Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin

Please excuse the impersonal nature of this note." Corrections to My Memoirs (MacAdam/Cage, January 2007) by Michael Kun. Fifth book, first story collection. Agent: Sandra Bond. Editor: Khristina Wenzinger. Publicist: Julie Burton.

"You may call me D. T." The Castle in the Forest (Random House, January 2007) by Norman Mailer. Forty-first book, ninth novel. Agent: Andrew Wylie. Editor: David Ebershoff. Publicist: Jynne Martin.

"I, with legs crossed along the daylight, watch / The variegated fists of clouds that gather over / The uncouth features of this, my prone island." Selected Poems (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, January 2007) by Derek Walcott. Twenty-second book, fourteenth poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jonathan Galassi. Publicist: Ami Greko.

"The debate was short and sour." Tales of the Out and the Gone (Akashic Books, December 2006) by Amiri Baraka. Twenty-sixth book, fourth story collection. Agent: None. Editor: Johnny Temple. Publicist: Aaron Petrovitch.

"Thursday morning, June 5, 1952, came bright and hot." Voices From the Street (Tor Books, January 2007) by Philip K. Dick. Sixty-second book, forty-fifth novel. Agent: Russ Galen. Editor: David Hartwell. Publicist: Patty Garcia.

"Whatever falls from the sky above, thou shall not curse it." The Bastard of Istanbul (Viking, January 2007) by Elif Shafak. Seventh book, sixth novel. Agent: Marly Rusoff. Editor: Paul Slovak. Publicist: Holly Watson.

"When I was born / There were several things about me / That were true, / But I didn't know them yet." Forty-Five (HarperCollins, December 2006) by Frieda Hughes. Eleventh book, fourth poetry collection. Agent: Ros Edwards. Editor: Alison Callahan. Publicist: Jane Beirn.

"When Lena gets sick, June, her mother, doesn't notice for two days." Home Remedies (Harcourt, January 2007) by Angela Pneuman. First book, story collection. Agent: Eric Simonoff. Editor: Tina Pohlman. Publicist: Michelle Blankenship.

"As Kockroach, an arthropod of the genus Blatella and of the species germanica, awakens one morning from a typically dreamless sleep, he finds himself transformed into some large, vile creature." Kockroach (William Morrow, January 2007) by Tyler Knox. First book, novel. Agent: Wendy Sherman. Editor: Carolyn Marino. Publicist: Ben Bruton.

"I decided to kill Johnny Fry on a Wednesday, but it was a week before that I was given the reason." Killing Johnny Fry (Bloomsbury, January 2007) by Walter Mosley. Twenty-sixth book, twenty-first novel. Agent: Gloria Loomis. Editor: Karen Rinaldi. Publicist: Maya Baran.

"I'm laying here talking to Cynthia because that's about all I can do with my infirmity." Returning to Earth (Grove Press, January 2007) by Jim Harrison. Twenty-seventh book, ninth novel. Agent: Stephen Sheppard. Editor: Amy Hundley. Publicist: Deb Seager.

"There's nothing left / to say." For the Confederate Dead (Knopf, January 2007) by Kevin Young. Fifth book, poetry collection. Agent: Eileen Cope. Editor: Deborah Garrison. Publicist: Sarah Robinson.